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Such an awesome time to consider being a music photographer. The age has come giving more opportunities for more musicians to play live. In fact, due to the lack of income in the recording world, more and more musicians have learned to accept that playing live shows, is all about survival now. That reality has really created opportunities for more photographers to get jobs, and to have their work be seen. To make it all clear, our purpose as it relates to music photography is all about documenting a musician during a live event, as well as capturing in print, the essence of the live event itself. So many of these photographers capture great, awesome moments off stage, and paint portraits of the artists in a more personal light. So many are experts at capturing the raw intensity that is the live concert.


That is what it is all about. Music shoots are live concerts, but they are also to be considered as band promo shoots as well as photos and portraits of Musicians to be consumed by media outlets or to be used by the bands themselves in upcoming advertising. Artists often edit the photos. in an effort to capture the exact looked desired, but also to paint a photo picture of what the band is all about.

Many of the large venues have house photographers, however the vast majority of the other venues are service by those who freelance for a living, and maybe by those who have been hired to do a show directly by the venue, maybe by the band, and possibly directly by an interested media outlet. If you are a person with skills at working wedding, music events work is an excellent way to have two sources of work for your business. Diversity is essential these days, and it is quite rare that a music gig and a wedding job would directly conflict with each other.


It is imperative that you have a portfolio to show off in order to get jobs. This is easily attained by talking photos of your favorite bands while attending shows. The concerts you attend need not be the expensive ones. Every now and then the chance comes to take free photos at free outdoor shows sponsored by local officials to commemorate an occasion of civic pride or significance. Find small clubs that permit cameras, and take shots all night for the simple price of the cover charge and refreshments.

Another thing, never count on a website post to do more than inform and encourage.Hit the library if you can. Read up on how to nail a small business, and how to jump all over the various types of gigs you hope to land. These days 5 dollars will get you a 30 plus page ebook exactly about what it is you crave doing the most. So yes websites are great, but get some books, and get serious. The more you read, the more you will learn your craft. You can do it. That i am sure of.

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