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Email is the mail of choice for more and more people and businesses. Opening a message is done simply with a click from a mouse. Answering a letter is done without paper and pencil, just movement of fingers on a keyboard. Filing the correspondence is done with another swish of a mouse and hand and “click”, the letter is filed. It is just this easy to stay in touch with clients and prospective buyers and sellers with effective email marketing.

There are three kinds of emails that can help create engagement with your email list, building your relationship with each lead and helping them be receptive to your offers. Consider putting at least one of these email types out to your list on a regular basis, and see how much your open rates and engagement improve!


Newsletters give information on upcoming events, interesting topics, hints and ideas about home decor or gardening and neighborhood dynamics. Good description marketing in a Newsletter is meant to help and engage your reader through interesting topics.
Some suggestions to cover in your newsletter:
*Posts from your blog
*Information about events, businesses, or developments in your target neighborhood
*Information about new listings or recent sales
*Customer testimonials
*Pictures from your target neighborhood, or pictures of beautiful homes in the area
*And perhaps a puzzle or comic
A monthly newsletter seems to be the most appreciated kind. It keeps you fresh and interesting to your clients or list and is not hard for most people to produce.
A digest is full of fast, easy to read information. Similar to newsletters, these emails consist of more description you can promote, but in a quicker, slightly more edited manner. Digests focus more on sharing the most important and pertinent links. Consider digests the optimal email type for your leads who don’t have a lot of time to read through newsletter emails.

*Links to a local neighborhood association’s announcement or news
*Link to updated neighborhood assessment information
*Links to your own blog posts
*Links to your listings
*NAR news reports or updates
Send Digests every week or every two weeks and include links to all of the new description you’ve created, including attractive imagery and short, to-the-point copy that provides all the recipient needs to know!
*Promotional Emails*
You want to communicate relevant information, but you also want to promote what you do. You can do this in a way that doesn’t come across as salesy or pushy. Here are some ideas for promotional emails:
*Regular market updates and recent listings
*Offer a report about market conditions and an invitation for a free assessment of their home
*Run a contest that creates excitement about your business

Always include a link to a landing page and your email. Use a relatable and conversational tone and write the rest of the email to grab readers’ attention and interest.

*Specialized Emails*

Send out emails to your mailing list to tie into major events like the Super Bowl, or Kentucky Derby, graduation or a holiday. Create messages wishing them well, fun or just a funny greeting. Even if the email is not closely related to your business, you can still capitalize on the popularity of a special day or event. Every day is a holiday and every month has a theme. National Cheese Month warrants an email saying “You Are the BIG Cheese in My Burger”! Create an email that is designed as a Scorecard for the Super Bowl. An infographic with real estate stats and a football theme could gain you recognition and prove memorable.

*Transactional Emails*

This type of email relies on the response from the previous emails. If a respondent signs up for your email newsletters, takes an action on your website, or requests information of some kind, send them a transactional email such as a Thank you or a Welcome email. Let them know quickly that you are excited by their response and make sure that the follow up is done in a personal manner. Personalization leads to far more clicks and a higher clickthrough rate.
Small, personal touches don’t go unnoticed by consumers, including buyers and sellers:
As with all marketing, being consistent is vital. Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, with our highly skilled copywriters, can create interesting and attention-grabbing emails to send out to prospects. We can create a full email marketing campaign, with follow up emails and automatic response emails that lead the clients directly to you.
These emails can be highly personalized with merge fields specific to the person being emailed, just like a direct mail campaign. You can hyper-target the recipients through a detailed list and set up an exact schedule these emails are to go out.
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Everest Direct Mail started in September of 2014 with a small team, on a mission of providing effective direct mail campaigns for defense attorneys to acquire new clients. We quickly expanded into supporting direct mail campaigns for real-estate agents and real-estate associations.


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