Meet the Canadian Arctic Wildlife This Summer

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As the prohibitive weather conditions of winter begin to thaw away, numerous wildlife species in the Canadian Arctic venture a muzzle above ground to welcome summer. This provides the perfect opportunity for you and your camera lens to approach them at a close (but wise) distance as well as experience the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Arctic. Read on to discover what species of wildlife will cross your path on your Canadian holiday in the Arctic.

Arctic Fox

A fascinating animal to watch out for on your Canadian holiday is the Arctic fox. Maybe you imagine it as a small fluffy creature of pristine white fur, but you will be surprised to discover that this is the only animal of the dog family to change its camouflage throughout the year: from white to match the winter snows, to brown or grey in tune with colours of the summer. Its eccentric coat has one other fascinating property: it protects its wearer from temperatures as chilling as minus 50 degrees.

Arctic Hare

Making for a rare and therefore priceless sight, the Arctic hare is a treat only for the luckiest of eyes. With top speed of a touch under 100kmph and a 360° line of vision which sets it off at the slightest of suspicions, it is virtually uncatchable. What is more, like the Arctic fox, it is adapted to extremely harsh weather conditions, which makes it the perfect survivor in these parts.

Polar Bears

The summer residence of local polar bears is Churchill once the Hudson Bay once it sheds its ice. As many as a thousand bears spend their summer holiday here. And a veritable holiday it is: as you get of the boat you can observe numerous beasts lazing in the sun and enjoying a leisurely swim. The bears occupy one of the most remote areas in the region and had better be visited in the company of an expert guide.

Beluga Whales

You would be hard pressed to find a more amicable sea creature than the beluga whale. Master of the seas hereabouts just as polar bears rule the land, it travels to the Hudson Bay and the mouth of the Churchill River to feast on the bountiful organisms that inhabit these waters. If you go snorkelling you may have the opportunity to see beluga whales engaging in merry play with each other. Another option is to go kayaking and observe from above. At any rate, bear in mind that beluga whales are as curious as they are friendly, so they will make a point of coming to greet you.

The perfect Canadian holiday in the Arctic begins with a good preparation. Specialist tour operators can offer you expert advice on and service in reaching the most remote areas that interest you. They can further provide you with useful and interesting information on the geography and wildlife of the region.
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