Meaningful Hajj and Umrah Trips Organized By Radiant Drops Wins Phenomenal Popularity in UK

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London, UK – Spiritual Journeys often start in the mind; but without proper planning, it may never yield the results that are expected from the same. This applies to the last word to the devotees of Allah spread across the world that are in the process of planning their Hajj and Umrah trip especially for February 2018. Considering the seriousness of the cause, by Radiant Drops has introduced a series of travel packages that are designed to offer end to end Hajj and Umrah solutions to even the least experienced enthusiasts.

Browsing through the extensiveness and scope of the endeavor becomes obvious. As has been expressed by the core team, the intension is not just to make travel and stay easy and affordable for the devotees, but also to ensure that they use their time to get closer to the Almighty than squander it in places that otherwise deplete the real essence of the purpose.

The Umrah tour as organized by has gained massive popularity among devotees of Islam for its practically all inclusive nature. From secured flights and VISA acquisition to ATOL protection for packages, 5 star hotel booking, transportation, meals and more, just about everything including the minutest travel details are attended to by this motivated provider.

As seen in , a number of added facilities like guided tours to historical places, Seerah Museum, religious lectures and more are also made available to enthusiasts seeking the same.

Over the years, from Radiant Drops has gained a flood of positive reviews and ratings from endless happy clients all over UK. This is not only because of the convenience in terms of booking the trip and included facilities but also in terms of the extended assistances and affordability as well.

About By Radiant Drops: is a London based endeavor that has gained phenomenal popularity with the Islamic population for offering meaningful and affordable Hajj and Umrah packages that are designed ensure complete and unparalleled religious descriptionment. The packages are preceded and followed by a range of associated facilities like Arabic language training and prayer guidance manuals that add to the quality of the trip.

To know more and book trips for 2018 at affordable prices, please visit for information.

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