Mayors Add Name to Go the Extra Mile Campaign – 540 and Counting

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Extra Mile Day declared across U.S. recognizing volunteer heroes “going the extra mile”.

Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2016 -- Extra Mile Day( participation continues to grow. Currently, 540 mayors from across the United States have declared November 1, 2016, Extra Mile Day - a day to recognize the contribution of everyday heroes who are going the extra mile in service and volunteerism in their local communities.

In association with Extra Mile America(, mayors on both sides of the political aisle have united to celebrate local individuals and organizations that are just not talking about creating change, but who are dedicating their time, effort and resources to create the changes they seek. From Honolulu to Boston, from Nome, Alaska, to Salem, New Hampshire, mayors in large and small cities are making the November 1st declaration.

Mayor Joseph Ganim from Bridgeport, Connecticut, is one of the mayors who has made the Extra Mile Day declaration for his city. “Going the extra mile is putting the needs of others before your own. It means doing far more than what is simply required and standing up for something you believe in.” Ganin continues, “The hardworking individuals and organizations that have gone the extra mile in Bridgeport have each raised the quality of life in our city, and we are forever grateful for their efforts.”

Extra Mile Day was created in 2009 when motivational author Shawn Anderson( completed a 4,000-mile ocean-to-ocean bike ride to symbolize the power of the "go the extra mile" message. Along the cross-country ride, events were created in 21 cities where Anderson interviewed 200 people who had been recognized as going the extra mile in overcoming setback or who had risked everything in order to accomplish something extraordinary. From that early lift off, the "go the extra mile" momentum has continued with the building of Extra Mile Day.

"We all talk about wanting change, happiness and more opportunity," says Anderson. "However, relying on others to create that change is only wishing for life to get better. Taking personal responsibility and going the extra mile individually is the only way we can make sure the change we seek is being created.”

Anderson concludes, “The 'go the extra mile' message gives people an alternative to just throwing their arms in the air and saying 'I give up.' Extra Mile Day is a small reminder of the power we each have to create positive change at any time and on any day."
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