Marketing - A Human Psychology Primer

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In an analysis of consumer behavior named “Tightwads and Spendthrifts,” Rick, Cryder, and Loewenstein recognize that the level to which people today will spend is determined by the psychological “pain” that the spending causes. Folks will spend, they argue, until it hurts.

In specific, they recognize 3 varieties of individuals:

The “unconflicted,” or the largest group, invest an typical volume of cash ahead of pain ensues. For these individuals, marketing ought to sway them to boost their pain threshold.
The “spendthrifts’ devote readily and quickly. Normal marketing strategies is usually employed to attract this type of consumer.

The hardest folks to attain are the “tightwads” who take plenty of persuading to element with their cash for the reason that they hit the pain threshold sooner. Minimizing the getting pain for this group is the secret to accomplishment.

The book you happen to be reading bases all of its marketing approaches on this premise laid out by Rick, Cryder, and Lowenstein. Selling a solution to an individual needs the marketer, I contend, to locate methods to move the meter of one’s discomfort threshold by signifies of some kind of reframing. And what may very well be additional potent within the job of reframing pain than by tying our spending habits to our very identity? The athlete who runs until he or she can hardly stroll views the lactic acid accumulating in their legs not as discomfort but as an investment in future glory on the field. The law student who pulls an all-nighter studying for an exam is just not experiencing the low of discomfort, but is as an alternative preparing for the high of accomplishment within the classroom.

So when the marketer frames the item in such a way that spending is tied to a bigger truth regarding the identity with the consumer, then there ceases to be a discomfort threshold for the reason that there ceases to become any pain at all. Purchasing a solution is not noticed by the customer with regards to how much it drains from one’s bank account, you see, but is rather observed in terms of how much it adds to one’s identity.

The rest in the book lays out for the reader 4 from the most potent facets of our identities as they relate to our consumerist tendencies: men and women currently are particularly inattentive, trendy, needy, and tribal.
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