Malta Musts: UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit

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Malta is not only a perfect destination for year-round sun and sand – it’s also home to several historical monuments and heritage sites. Whether you’re in the country for a long holiday or a short weekend trip, these exciting places are easily accessed via Malta Airport taxis, so you shouldn’t miss paying them a visit.

Casa Bernard

Located in the heart of Rabat, this sixteenth century palazzo is the private home of a Maltese noble family. It has been refurbished to reflect its past richness, still boasting architectural features such as a stunning balcony, a barrel-vaulted hallway and a cellar which contains a chapel. There is also a beautiful spiral staircase which leads to a three-storey watch tower above. You should take the guided tours of the palazzo’s interiors to learn more about its intricate details.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Located in Mdina, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the nation’s historical pride. A masterpiece from the seventeenth century, it is said to be built at the location where Saint Paul converted the Roman governor Pubilus to Christianity. Interestingly, the cathedral was actually reconstructed from a smaller church, which was ruined in the earthquake of 1693. However, the 900-year old door to the Sacristy, carved from Irish bogwood, is still in perfect condition.

The Old Prison

In operation from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, the Old Prison has many intriguing features including original graffiti done by the inmates from centuries ago. The prison is located in Gozo, within the walls of the citadel. If you visit this attraction, you’ll find there’s also an exhibition in the main entrance hall about the fortifications in Gozo. Attend this and learn all about what prison life would have been like all those years ago.

Fact: When St John’s Knights arrived in the country, the prison cells were used as rooms for the men to cool down and enjoy some shade.

How to Get There

There are several flight options from the UK into Malta, allowing you to choose one that suits your itinerary schedule. Once you land, you can take one of the Malta Airport taxis to your accommodation – or straight to these UNESCO sites if you can’t wait to get your historical holiday underway. As the weather will almost always be perfect, you can be assured of having a great outdoor adventure any time of the year.

Whether you’re intrigued by the cryptic graffiti made by prisoners centuries ago or a wooden door that has survived for nearly a thousand years, you’re sure to love your next holiday to this destination. Even if you have limited time, the location of the sites makes it easy to plan a jam-packed day trip with the help of Malta Airport taxis. Those who love to discover offbeat and unique gems during their travels can’t miss these Malta musts.
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