Male Organ Problems: Retrograde Seed Release

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Although seed release can be a bit messy, most men are happy to experience a clean-up issue in order to enjoy the ecstatic feeling that typically accompanies the release of male seed. For some men, however, there may not be a lot of mess to clean up. When this is because he is having a seed release fast upon the heels of another, it’s not a manhood health concern. But sometimes it does fall into the realm of male organ problems; for example, when little seed is spurting forth due to retrograde seed release.

Retrograde seed release

When men begin to self-pleasure, many often become slightly obsessed with seeing how far they can “shoot” their male seed. They also may like to mentally keep track of the quantity of seed they produce as well. It’s all part of being a guy.

But when a man has retrograde seed release, he finds himself in a position where his quantity (and often his trajectory) has been seriously impacted. That’s by no means to say that he doesn’t still experience intense pleasure; he does, usually to the same degree he would if he were releasing the typical volume of male seed. But while the sensation is still there, the seed isn’t.

What happens to it?

How it works

Inside a man, there’s something called the internal sphincter. This is located between the prostate and the bladder. When a man is getting ready to release, this sphincter closes very tightly, so that male seed will travel out through the urethra rather than falling back into the bladder. Men are too preoccupied with everything else going on at this point to be aware of this process.

But in some cases, the smooth muscle of the member doesn’t relax or doesn’t relax fully, and this can prevent the sphincter from doing its job; it may remain partially or fully open, and this will drain a substantial amount of the seed into the bladder. (It is rare for 100% of the seed to fall back into the bladder, but it can happen.)

Typically, the male seed will be dispersed with the urine over the next few eliminations.


Most often, retrograde seed release is a side effect of diabetes, prostate surgery or some prostate medications – and in such cases, many men don’t bother with treatment for the male seed-related issue. But it can be the result of something more serious, such as a blockage in the urethra or nerve damage. That requires treatment to avoid a bigger problem.

As male organ problems go, retrograde seed release is usually not major (unless the underlying cause needs treatment). Since men still experience pleasure, it does not usually interfere with their sensual lives. However, some men do have a psychological reaction to the fact that they do not shoot forth a fountain as in days gone by, and this can lead to feelings of stress or depression.

What about pregnancy? Well, if only a small amount of seed is coming out of the manhood, this can make pregnancy difficult (although not impossible – so a man shouldn’t count on retrograde seed release as a form of birth control). In many cases, men with significant retrograde seed release who wish to become fathers will need to have the seed harvested from the bladder or sacks and then inserted via artificial insemination.

Retrograde seed release is one of those male organ problems that most men don’t think about. But paying regular attention to manhood health is crucial, and can more easily be accomplished by the daily application of a top notch manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best results, find a crème that contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine. Both are amino acids; the former is one which helps the body in its production of nitric oxide – and that, in turn, helps manhood blood vessels be more receptive to expansion. The latter is excellent at helping to preserve member sensitivity against rough handling.
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