Male Organ Odor: The Underwear Connection

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The lights are low, the music is seductive, and all the moves thus far have been perfectly timed. The man is thinking that things couldn’t have gone more perfectly as he removes his pants, giving his partner the big reveal at last. Unfortunately, the unveiling of his glorious manhood is ruined by the sudden arrival of a distinctly unpleasant aroma – and it’s wafting directly from that newly revealed manhood. Yes, deadly male organ odor has struck again, filling a potential partner’s head with dire imaginings concerning male organ health and causing them to suddenly remember an early morning appointment and rush off. Fighting persistent male organ odor is crucial, which means understanding its causes – one of which is very definitely related to one’s underwear.

Not just underwear

Clearly, male organ odor has a number of causes. For one thing, odors form in areas that are damp, warm and dark, and that describes the male organ to a “t.” Thick thatches of midsection hair make the midsection warm naturally, and keeping the member buried beneath both pants and underwear only adds to the heat quotient – which in turn makes the manhood and friends sweat, releasing bacteria which makes unwanted male organ odor.

But while underwear is not the only culprit, it still plays into the mix – so guys need to take underwear-conscious steps to help decrease the level of male organ odor.


So what can a guy do in terms of underwear and male organ odor?

• Don’t wear day-olds – or worse. Look, every guy has been there: they wake up, find that somehow there’s no clean underwear even though they know they did laundry just a couple of days ago. After a quick sniff test, they choose what they hope is the least aromatic pair and make a resolve to do a load of laundry that night. In an emergency, a guy does what he has to do – but if possible coupling is on the line, that just won’t do. Make a habit of doing laundry BEFORE getting down to the last pair of briefs. And if he has no clean underwear options, a guy should resist the temptation to borrow a pair from his roommate or best friend – unless they are a brand new pair that has never been worn before.

• Change it when needed. On a normal day, most guys can wear the same pair of boxers or briefs all day. But if he sweats a lot – either naturally or because he was out shooting hoops or working out at the gym – a change of underwear is needed (not to mention a shower, hint-hint). And to be on the safe side, if he’s going out on a date or working the bars, he should change beforehand, even if it’s just been a “normal sweat” day.

• Make the right choice. Choosing the right underwear can help diminish male organ odor. For example, wearing loose-fitting boxers rather than tight briefs can cut down on heat and sweat. And natural fibers like cotton rather than synthetics can also allow the manhood to “breathe” better.

• Go naked. Ideally, a man should “air out” his member for a couple of hours every day. Some housing arrangements make this difficult, but many men sleep naked as a way of airing the equipment out.

Making wise underwear choices can help diminish persistent unwanted male organ odor; it also helps if a guy is regularly applying a top notch male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) as part of his male member care regimen. The best crème will contain vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties which can help fight that darn male organ odor. Ideally, the crème should also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which helps produce nitric oxide and thereby enables manhood blood vessels to more properly expand when necessary.
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