Make Delivery Work Delicious and Low Calorie with Chippenham Pit Stop’s New Breakfast Choice

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Nothing works up an appetite like delivery work – after all, being a haulier is a hard (and hungry!) job. However, when you’re on the road for hours, and sometimes even days at a time, it can be hard to find the time and opportunity to eat healthily, especially when the only chance you have to fill up your stomach is when you’re filling up your tank at a petrol station… and the snacks they sell there are not known for being the best for you.

Luckily, Chippenham Pit Stop has chipped in to save the day with their new meal deals and extended menu. Read on to see how their full English will keep you full without cluttering you with unnecessary calories.

An Innovative Eatery

Chippenham Pit Stop has a high selection of facilities geared towards hauliers, with everything from somewhere to shower and sleep to a place where you can do a bit of shopping for delivery work necessities. However, perhaps what they are best known for is their fantastic, down-to-earth restaurant.

Chippenham has a history of being health-conscious. In the past, they’ve launched a wide selection of innovative installations such as a round-trip walking route, a set of scales and an outside gym, in order to encourage their customers to watch their weight and take their fitness and wellbeing into their own hands. Their most recent extension was to their kitchen – it cost them £250,000 and allowed them to expand their menu.

Their menu is full of exciting dishes, and now includes a recent addition – a completely new meal that follows their previous fitness initiatives. This meal, their ‘High Performance Breakfast’, consists of everything you could want from a full English, complete with bacon, toast, tomato and poached eggs (they’ve even got a veggie version if you’re trying to lower your meat intake) – but is only 500 calories.

It’s fairly common knowledge that the average haulier consumes more calories than they need to – research has shown it to be around 2,500 calories a day. By hopping out of your lorry and onto Chippenham’s Pit Stop’s health bandwagon, you can reduce your caloric intake (even just by one meal) and potentially lose one pound a week.

If you’re a driver who’s more interested in building muscle than losing weight, Chippenham’s brilliant new brekkie is perfect for you as well – it’s high in protein and low in fat. Not only that, it’s just £4.95, it’s delicious and it’s guaranteed to set you up for a successful day of delivery work.

With the most important meal of the day firmly in place, they plan to introduce low calorie alternatives for lunch and dinner in the near future – so stay tuned.

Next time you’re on the road doing delivery work and find yourself passing by Chippenham’s Pit Stop, why not pull over and join them for your morning meal? A high performance breakfast can only mean one thing: a high performance day!
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