Lords Radon Offers The Best Service For Radon Testing Brighton CO With Dependable Results

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Greeley, CO (February 09, 2019) – It is true that radon is a naturally-occurring gas. However, if it is present more than the level permitted by the EPA and if the housemates are continuously exposed to the higher level of radon gas, they will be at the risk of attracting lung cancer. Next to smoking, radon gas is known to be the second largest contributor for lung cancer in the United States. So, it is better for homeowners to make sure that their property is safe and the family members are safe with the help of radon testing Brighton CO. They can get the testing done in a professional manner by Lords Radon.

The testing process will take around 2-3 days, where professionals from Lords Radon will measure 48 radon measurements continuously for a two-day period. Based on the results of the test, the professionals will suggest whether the building needs Radon removal system Brighton CO or radon mitigation Brighton CO. It means that if the presence of radon is higher than the recommended level, the right removal system will be installed to make sure that the level reaches the recommended level. If it is slightly lower than the recommended level and at the risk of crossing the level, the right mitigation plan will be suggested.

During Radon Testing Thornton CO, the trained staff from Lords Radon will place the monitors in the right place in the home to make sure that they get the most accurate readings. Only the basis of the readings, the further action will be decided by the experts and they will approach the client with the readings and the suggestions, such that the client can decide whether the radon fan installation Brighton CO is fine for him or whether he looks for other ways.

Lords Radon knows very well that crawl space in a property is the space through which the radon gas enters the other areas of the property. So, if they find that the crawl space vapour barrier Brighton CO is essential, they will give the appropriate suggestion to the client.

About Lords Radon:
The founder of the Lords Radon Mr. Jay Lords has always loved working with his hands. Due to his skill and versatility, he has saved many properties and the inmates from radon.

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Colorado is one of the states with a high level of radon presence in the air. So, homeowners concerned about Radon Mitigation Greeley CO from a dependable company can rely on Lords Radon.


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