Little River Band goes BIG releasing ‘THE BIG BOX’

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Little River Band releases ‘The Big Box’ celebrating over 40 years of music. On May 5th, 2017, ‘The Big Box,’ will be available worldwide on Amazon, iTunes and Target.

The Little River Band who is best known for their mega hits like, “Cool Change,” “Take It Easy On Me,” “Reminiscing,”“Help is on its Way,” “Lonesome Loser,” “Man on your Mind,”“The Other Guy,” “The Night Owls,” “Lady,” and “Happy Anniversary,” celebrate 40 years of music in one big box set.

Wayne Nelson, lead singer and bass player for the band says this about ‘The Big Box.’ “What sets the Big Box apart from other LRB compilations is the brand new music and live concert footage that's included.

Since 1999, there's been a change in the band's energy - to get back to writing and recording new material. There's no doubt that process has injected new spirit into the performances of the older songs too. We captured some of that fun on the ‘Bustin Out’ DVD! You'll see and hear new orchestral arrangements which take all the music to another level. And you'll see and hear a band that's committed to making sure every show is special for that audience on that night.”

The pre-release reviews are already pouring in and these are some of the things being said. “It’s a delight to come across this hefty volume of material, essentially a band in constant renewal performing music in constant review.” The Midland Rocks

“So many great moments on this gem of a collection, too many to single out here.” Music Republic Magazine

“The Daily Banner gives “The Big Box,’ 5 Stars for creativity, musical excellence and phenomenal harmonies.”

The band won “Musical Artist of the Year,” at the Global Gaming Expo’s (G2E) Casino Entertainment Awards recently. Seeing them live will show you why. For more on Little River Band, check out their website and make sure to like them on Facebook.
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