LED Light Expert Lists Best DLC Listed Lights At Affordable Prices

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USA, (July, 2019) – Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness in commercial lighting gets better with Design Light Consortium listing. This is one of those avenues in which trusted manufacturer of LED illumination system, LED Light Expert has excelled beyond expectations. DLC listed lights are currently the tested best in terms of quality, performance and cost effectiveness.

The procedure for acquiring DLC light certification is usually very tough and involves the products to undergo certain very strict tests that check if the lights are actually as good as the manufacturers claim. However, there is no assurance that the products sent for testing would qualify. This is perhaps the reason why many manufacturers do not even make the effort to go for DLC testing in the first place.

With LED illumination products from LED Light Experts though, achieving DLC certification has never been difficult, given that the company has always maintained very high manufacturing practices that is backed with rock solid research and product development endeavours. LED Light Expert has therefore, been able to extend maximum product assurance in terms of unbeatable cost effectiveness, eco friendliness, extreme durability and lasting brightness that is further topped with 5 years of no questions asked warrantees.

About LED Light Expert –
LED Light Expert is a trusted manufacturer / supplier of high performance DLC listed lights based in USA. The company currently hosts one of the most extensive catalogues that is inclusive of parking lot lights, sports field lights, high bay lights, corn bulb lights, flood lights and many more.

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LED Light Expert lists the best of DLC Listed Lights at very affordable prices. These lights are tested for offering the leanest, brightest, lasting and the most energy effective illumination in commercial / industrial areas.


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