Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. Offers Top Grade Formulation Development Contract Research Solutions To Pharmaceutical Firms

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San Diego, California(March 13, 2019): Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a cutting-edge research and development institute in San Diego, California known for offering the best quality formulation development service to clients and customers. As a formulation development contract research organization that has been operating for a long time, Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides with excellent generic and NCE drug formulation development expertise as well as proprietary drug delivery solutions for pharmaceutical industries creating products for animals and humans. Established in 2003, the organization has already handled more than 800 projects on formulation development and has already worked with more than 225 client companies. Over the years, Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. has developed a global reputation for the innovative and creative approaches that it is known for implementing. Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. also stands out for their fast turnaround time, reliability and successful formulations which have invariably brought great client satisfaction.

Whether it comes to working with Formulation CRO or GLP Formulation, Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. has time again been available to deliver top quality solutions to their pharmaceutical clients. From the very beginning, Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. focused their energies and resources to effectively manage the challenges and difficult associated with formulation development for numerous compounds that are known to highly unstable and insoluble as well as known for their poor bioavailability. Such in-depth expertise made them a reliable specialist when it comes to working with pharmaceutical chemicals like that. The track record and experience of Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. when it comes to working with formulation insoluble API substances has made them highly skilled in managing complex formulation challenges associated with numerous problematic drug candidates.

Being a pioneering company when it comes to offering deformulation generic drug product development solutions, Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. makes use of a number of different technologies and techniques for addressing complications like instability, insolubility, vein irritation, poor absorption, large and bulky doses, absence of IP protection as well as other formulation challenges while working with numerous pharmaceutical dosage forms.

About Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc:
Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a well-known formulation development contract research organization based in San Diego, California that is known for offering top notch expertise to all pharmaceutical companies.

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Company Name: Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc.
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San Diego, CA 92131
Telephone: 858-546-0924
Fax: 858-546-0958
Contact person: Matthew A. Singer, PhD
VP, Head of Business Development
Telephone: 858-546-0924, ext. 103
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Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc. in San Diego, California delivers in-depth research and expertise to various pharmaceutical companies. Sustained Release Formulation Development


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