Latitude Pharma Shapes into A More Resourceful Formulation Development Service with Advanced Techniques

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USA (July 2019) – Latitude Pharma, a leading Parenteral IV Intravenous Drug Formulation Development comes up with advanced techniques and technology to conquer the special challenges in the domain of formulation development. The company is known for its unique and proprietary techniques and technologies for developing formulation for compounds that are highly insoluble, highly unstable and have low bioavailability. Since 2003, the company has proved its competence with more than 800 human and Veterinary Animal Drug Formulation Development projects for various clients worldwide. Their generic drug formulation development and drug delivery system are trusted globally. They have a big satisfied client-base in different countries. The company is standing tall in the industry with the help of a few metrics like reliability, fast turnaround, creative approach, client satisfaction and successful formulation. For problematic drug candidates, they have developed toughest formulation in the form of pharmaceutical dosage conquering the challenges related to vein irritation, insolubility, IP protection lacking, instability, poor absorption etc. Latitude is one of the top Formulation Development Service providers for Pharma and Biotech companies in the world. Be it boosting the formulation of already available drugs or creating groundbreaking formulation with proprietary techniques for better efficiency and results, Latitude Pharma is a dependable organization.

Latitude Pharma shares valuable information regarding their process of development of complex generic drugs as well as Deformulation Generic Drug Product Development. Speaking about the complex generic drug formulation, the company says that the process includes Q1, Q2 and Q3 attributes for the formats like Microspheres, injectable nanoparticles, ophthalmic suspensions and liposome drug formulation. Their formulations are available in different dosage forms including Injectable Drug Emulsion, Depot, Oral, Topical, Opthalmic, nasal sprays, vaginal tablets and more. Their intellectual property services include prior art search, patent strategy development, patent application drafting and patent claim development.

About Latitude Pharma
Latitude Pharma is a resourceful, trusted and leading-edge Formulation Development Contract Research Organization which is responsible for enhancing the efficiency of existing drug formulation as well as developing bioavailability enhancing formulations leveraging unique techniques and technologies. The company has more than 225 client companies across the globe. Latitude Pharma was found in 2003 and since then, the company has come up with more than 800 successful formulation development projects for humans and animals.

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Latitude Pharma is a resourceful, trusted and leading-edge Formulation Development Contract Research Organization. Get more info about Liposome Liposomal Drug Formulation


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