Knee Joint Replacement Surgery In India: One Of The Most Preferred Procedures By Medical Tourists

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Dealing with joint pain is definitely not easy and it is further difficult when the Knee joint is involved. For patients, who do not benefit from the non-surgical methods of treatment, Knee Replacement Surgery is surely the most apt solution. In this surgery, the damaged Knee Cartilage and bone is replaced with a tailor-made or man-made prosthetic joint. Such artificial joints are made up of metal, plastic or ceramic components and perform the tasks of Knee functions very effectually.
Some of the criteria based of which a Knee Replacement surgery is finalized, include:
• Has continuous pain and stiffness, which keeps increasing with passing time
• Despite taking ample rest, the condition is not improving
• Instability and weakness due to pain
• Nature of pain is severe to excruciating and is limiting the patient from performing the routine chores or any recreational activities
• Instability because of weakness and pain
• When the patient is finding it difficult to stand for a long time and this is getting worse with time
• Suffering from Knee Deformities such as Bow-legs or Knock Knees
• Knee joint has suffered serious damage because of Arthritic conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, an accident, Post-traumatic Arthritis, and much more
• Conventional form of treatments like Physiotherapy, medications, pain relief injections, have been tried; but the patient hasn’t gained any respite

Top Hospitals And Orthopaedic Surgeons In India

Equipped with the perfect treatment attributes, the hospitals in India have become the right choices for the medical value travellers. To be more specific, the Orthopaedic hospitals are a step ahead in every way, as compared to leading hospitals in the world. So, for Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in India, these hospitals are seeing a huge number of footfalls from many countries like USA, UK, UAE, and many African nations too. The level of advancement at these hospitals is surely admirable.
Some of the Knee Replacement Surgery in India, include:
• Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
• Jaypee Hospital, Noida
• Metro Hospital, Delhi
• Narayana Health, Bangalore
• Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
• Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
• Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
• Global Hospital, Chennai

At these hospitals, the international patients are attended to by very proficient Orthopaedic Surgeons, who have gained extensive knowledge and decades of experience especially in dealing with the various approaches of Knee Replacement Surgery. Not only this, there are surgeons, who with their accomplishments earned a position in the esteemed Limca Book of Records. With such talent and authority, they are definitely the right choice for their patients. A few such reputed names are:
• Dr. Kaushal Malhan
• Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
• Dr. Harshvardhan Hegde
• Dr. IPS Oberoi
• Dr. Jayant Arora

Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery In India

When it comes to India, patients can be rest assured of getting very cost effective packages here; doesn’t matter how advanced the required surgery is. The expenses of a Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in India differ as per the intensity of the surgery. For example, a Total Knee Replacement Surgery is priced as high as $40,000 in UK, $50,000 in USA, whereas just $4,000 in India; the Partial Knee Replacement procedure is priced at $35,000 in UK, $45,000 in USA, while only $4,200 in India. Likewise, other surgical approach such as Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery and others too are very sensibly priced.

How Can Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Help?

If you are planning your medical tour for Knee Replacement Surgery in India, then Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India has the appropriate services, such as:
• Accommodation, visa letter, airport pick up and drop, etc. all taken care of by us
• Planning all the timely appointments
• Coordinating with the hospitals and doctors on behalf of the patients
• Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in India planned at the top Orthopaedic hospitals
• Ascertaining that the surgery is performed by the best Knee Replacement specialists of India
• Highly affordable Knee Replacement Surgery made possible by us
• Free second consultation on request
• Language translation facility
• Round the clock assistance from our representatives
• Follow up services ensuring a smooth recovery process
• Vacation plans that can be merged with your medical tour
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Joint replacement surgery hospital India is a prominent medical travel partner with a network of the highly skilled, qualified orthopedic surgeons, experts and medical care facilities in the field of orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries. If you are seeking affordable knee replacement surgery in India then contact Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India by calling us at +91-98604-32255 . Our executives will get back to you with further details and information. 


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