Kidney Transplant Surgery With Most Trusted Kidney Transplant Team in India

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Chronic kidney disease is a major health concern today afflicting more than eight million people in world. When kidney functions declines to a certain level, patients have end-stage renal disorder and require either dialysis or transplantation to sustain their life. Some people with kidney failure may be capable of have a kidney transplant. For the duration of transplant surgical operation, a healthy kidney from a donor is located into your body. The new, donated kidney does the work that your kidneys used to do

Types of Kidney Transplantation

If you'd want to pursue kidney transplantation as a treatment option, there are three sorts of transplants to consider.

• Deceased donor: A person from whom at the least one solid organ is recovered for the cause of transplantation after suffering brain or cardiac death. The waiting time for a deceased donor kidney in India is five to ten years and sometimes longer, as the waiting list continues to grow every year.

• Expanded criteria donor (ECD): A deceased donor over the age of 60. An ECD kidney can be recommended to applicants over age 60 or those with a history of diabetes over the age of fifty.

• Living donor: A person who donates an organ for transplantation. Living donors can be blood relatives or people with emotional ties to the transplant candidate. Locating a living donor match dramatically shortens your waiting time, will increase long-time period transplant kidney and patient survival, and gives you the flexibility of scheduling your date of surgical operation.


A kidney transplant is a major surgery. Therefore, it carries the risk Kidney transplant surgery carries a risk of significant complications, including:

• Blood clots
• Bleeding
• Leaking from or blockage of the tube (ureter) that hyperlinks the kidney to the bladder
• Infection
• Failure of the donated kidney
• Rejection of the donated kidney
• An infection or cancer that may be transmitted with the donated kidney
• Death, heart attack and stroke

Anti-rejection medication side effects

After a kidney transplant, you will take medicinal drugs to assist prevent your body from rejecting the donor kidney. Those medicinal drugs can cause a ramification of side effects, along with:

• Acne
• Bone thinning (osteoporosis) and bone damage (osteonecrosis)
• Diabetes
• Excessive hair growth or hair loss
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Higher risk of cancer, particularly skin cancer and lymphoma
• Infection
• Puffiness (edema)
• Weight gain

Choosing a kidney transplant center and surgeons in India

Catering to the international and local Indians, kidney transplant center and surgeons in India adheres to the highest standards of quality with low cost kidney transplant India. Led by a team of certified kidney transplant surgeon in India with years of combined experience, kidney transplant center in India is proud to perform safe, effective operations for all who require them by offering highest kidney transplant success rates. It is in acknowledgement of this commitment to excellence that kidney transplant center has received the prestigious JCI accreditation, the highest recognition that an international hospital can obtain. Kidney transplant surgeons in India are capable of operating on everything from dialysis to transplant with high kidney transplant success rates. In order to help kidney transplant surgeon in India do their best, kidney transplant center in India supply them with the best tools with state-of-the-art surgical equipment, clean and private facilities and specialized techniques guarantee that patients receive unparalleled treatment with low cost kidney transplant India.

Follow-up care to be taken post kidney transplantation

Your care continues after you leave the hospital. Your kidney transplant team will continue to monitor your progress and address any questions you have along the way. After discharge from the health center, a post-transplant coordinator will be your primary contact for long-term follow -up care. Throughout the primary year after your transplant, you will see the kidney transplant team weekly or every other week. As your condition stabilizes, you'll return to the care of your nephrologist. You'll visit your transplant team every year, close to the anniversary of your transplant. They will fully assess your progress and discuss any health concerns you may have.

Remember, kidney transplant center and surgeons in India is always available. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.
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