Kia Jam the Most Versatile Producer Has Made Many Achievements

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Los Angeles, CA (May 20, 2019) - Kia Jam with his media company, KJAM Media has earned a lot of credit for his work as a producer after the founding the company and even ventures prior to that. Here are most remarkable of them all.

• Mr. Jam has worked on projects totalled to be at least two billion dollars as a producer, co-producer and executive producer.
• His current company of KJAM Media has completed 20 movies in its 20 years of operations with a lot of projects in discussion and few in works, yet to be released.
• Appearing in the 2016 version of Silk Road International Film Festival as member of the jury and as a guest speaker is a great honor. The producer has also given honorary talks at Beijing Film Academy, USC Film School, UCLA, Harvard at various occasions.
• There are a lot of films to credit to his name of which Lucky Number Slevin, Accidental Love and Outlander are few remarkable ones to name. The elaborate list of his films and the role he played in each can be found at Rotten Tomatoes under the artist's name.

About Kia Jam:
The versatile producer now running the successful KJAM production house has worked on teles and ad production and also co-founded an independent media company before becoming what he is today.

To know more, check out the

Media Contact:
K. Jam Media Company
149 S Barrington Ave #255
Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA
Phone: (310) 828-6767 Fax: (310) 828-4141

About author: Sumanta Dutta

Kia Jam is a seasoned producer well-known in the Hollywood industry with a list of successful films to his name like the 2006 movie Lucky Number Slevin starring Morgan Freeman and Bruce Wills.


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