Khaled Al Badie is working towards the introduction of University Education to the refugees

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ABU DHABI, UAE (APRIL 05, 2019) - Khaled Al Badie is a pioneer of business and the industry in the country and firmly believes in the significance of his educational background in his illustriouscareer. Owing to this, Khaled Al Badie is sponsoring the project by the Swiss International Humanitarian Organization (UniRef) for introducing education to the refugees placed under the protection of the Red Crescent. Through this project, hundreds of refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian Camp will be provided access to higher education through competent personnel and cutting-edge techniques. Khaled Al Badie is representing the management board of Al Badie Group, who is accomplishing the execution of the plan of providing financial support for this endeavor. The Pearl Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi hosted the presentation under the tagline, ‘Let’s build the Future through Education.’

The project initiated by the UniRef is in collaboration with various parties such as the Jordan Red Crescent, Isra University and Al Bade Group. The guest list of the conference, titled ‘A pioneering mission: University Education, state recognized, for the refugees placed under the protection of the Red Crescent in Jordan’, comprised of some of the imminent members of the region including H. H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of UAE Red Crescent, H. E. Mr. NayefZaidan, Ambassador of Jordan in UAE, H. E. Mrs. Maya Tissafi, Ambassador of Switzerland in UAE, Dr. Mohammad Al Hadid, President of Jordan Red Crescent, Mrs. Fatima Gailani, Head of GCC Cluster, Dr. Ghaida Abu Rumman, Vice-President, Isra University, and many more.

About Khaled Al Badie:
Khaled Al Badie of Al Badie Group is promoting the reach of refugees to higher education by providing the access to the University Education. The project has been developed by UniRef and is sponsored by Khaled Al Badie.

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Khaled Al Badie is helping the refugees in achieving University education by sponsoring a project of the same by UniRef. Refugees placed under the protection of the Red Crescent will be able to access the same for a better future.


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