Khaled Al Badie Aims To Enter the Indian Real Estate Market with Al Badie Group

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Abu Dhabi October 03, 2017 - The real estate market in India is witnessing a lot of improvement. With an increasing population and constant rise in demand for homes among homeless people, the famous Al Badie Group – headed by Mr. Khaled Al Badie – is contemplating entering the Indian real estate market.

Mr. Khaled believes that entering the Indian market and catering to the demand for homes would be a great idea. Al Badie Group (ABG), the popular real estate developer based in Abu Dhabi, has long wished to make an entry in the Indian market. Mr. Khaled has expressed interest in getting in touch with local developers in India and entering into a joint venture partnership with them.

The CEO and Vice President of Al Badie Group, Mr. Khaled Al Badie once stated that his company regards India as an important market. He also commented that he has been watching the Indian real estate market closely for a long time. He also said that his group is discussing already with UAE banks about their Indian operations to find potential partners to enter and work in the real estate market in India. He also disclosed his interest in developing hotels and various residential and commercial projects in India.

Al Badie remarked that talking about the exact location for ABG’s entry into the Indian real estate market is too early. Although these talks had been done quite a few years back, ABG seems to be more interested now in entering the real estate market in India.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the oldest son of Mr. Mohammed Jouan Al Badie, and heads many businesses in the UAE. His Al Badie Group has entered the property development market in Dubai, and has made a good name already.

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