Keeping Up With The Millennials: Appealing to the 15-35 Market

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Today’s 15 to 35 year olds, often referred to en masse as ‘millennials’, are a huge market with the spending power to match. By 2020, 75% of the working population will be from the millennial generation. However, too often when marketing sweet treats we stick to a simple adult/child division. When marketing to millennials, it’s important to keep in mind their distinct characteristics as a demographic and tailor your stock to cater to their desires. So, what are these characteristics and which brands can help you attract this important market?

Exemplary Eating Habits

It might seem daft to go on about healthy eating when talking about marketing confectionery; however, this generation is eating cleaner and drinking less than their parents. Their health-conscious mindset affects their consumer habits – even when chocolate is involved! When marketing to millennials it’s important to emphasise the nutritional benefits of ingredients such as raw cacao and various antioxidants.

These foodies love experimenting with different cuisines in the comfort of their own kitchens, so will also search for high quality, raw ingredients. The social media-savvy group enjoy photographing food and sharing their culinary experiences with their peers.

Intelligent Shoppers

Research shows that two thirds of 15-35 year olds check the ingredients lists on food packaging before making a purchase. Along with quality ingredients they look for free-from options and goods with no synthetic additives. Despite rising house prices and heavy student debts, this generation is willing to pay for great food which is ethically and transparently produced. This means you should be searching for brands that value clarity and openness in regards to the creation of their products and where they source their ingredients.

Flavours and Fun: My Recommendations

At hf Chocolates we have a variety of products ideal for marketing to millennials. Here are my top two picks:

• Willie’s Cacao: This brand ticks several boxes for the millennial market. His products, such as the Cacao Discovery Tasting Kit, encourage consumers to explore flavour profiles and bean terroirs with a gourmet experience. His cylinders of chef’s chocolate are ideal for home cooking and invite this experimental generation to create chocolaty delights in their own kitchens. These quality products are backed by an ethical growing process.

• Joe & Seph’s: This fun family business is bound to suit the millennials’ penchant for heart-warming back stories. Joe & Seph’s unite fresh ingredients with bold and imaginative flavour combinations in their popcorn creations. Quirky flavours, such as Gin & Tonic and Goats Cheese & Black Pepper, will tempt the curious whereas their classic caramel flavours are real crowd-pleasers. Popcorn is popular at the moment as a lighter alternative to less healthy sweet snacks.

Family brands, luxurious products and high-end treats with nutritional benefits are likely to appeal to this price sensitive but health conscious generation. If you’re looking for more brands to help your marketing to millennials, do get in touch with our helpful sales team!
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Angelina Moufftard works for hf Chocolates, established wholesale confectionery suppliers with decades of experience supplying sweets and high-end chocolates to retailers across the UK. She loves blogging on subjects as diverse as marketing to millennials, confectionery trends and how taste works. Working with the most dedicated suppliers from all over Europe, hf Chocolates' great tasting and beautifully packaged products add panache to any sweet display.


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