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With just a couple of months until the next Talent in Logistics Conference, now is a good time to think about buying your tickets. This event is aimed at bringing people working in the logistics industry together, and the conference is geared towards celebrating the incredible talent we are so lucky to have across the board.

On 27 June this year, Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes will come alive with exhibitions, competitions and the all-important awards ceremony, which is held at the Hilton DoubleTree. For anyone with a career in freight forwarding or haulage who is dealing with subcontract transport workers, this conference is an event that should have a firm place on their annual calendar.

What’s On?

Now in its third year, this conference offers the opportunity for all kinds of operational professionals in logistics to get together, share knowledge, catch up with news and listen to seminars given by significant industry leaders.

The highlight is the awards ceremony, which reflects one of the main aims of the event: to provide a platform for recognising and rewarding people in all aspects of our industry and along every link in the supply chain.

This year, new categories have been introduced with the intention of highlighting teams and organisations, rather than just individuals who stand out. Teams that continually go that extra mile to make a difference will be acknowledged. Winners of all categories will be announced at the black tie event at Hilton DoubleTree, where there will be a celebrity host, a drink’s reception and a dinner. The evening will finish late and there will be lots of entertainment and dancing.

Also hosted on the day are the live finals of the Forklift Operator of the Year and the LVG Driver of the Year competitions. Employees fight hard to get through initial heats and regional contests to reach the finals, which promise to be a fantastic display of skill and expertise.

The Importance for Fleet Managers

Recruitment in our business can be difficult so it is very important to stay up to date with the best practice methods of attracting talent. Subcontract transport work requires so many different skills and, as a manager, you need to be aware of how to recruit skilled individuals who you can develop and engage. The conference has three different theatres, Attract, Develop and Engage, each one filled with information and insights for any manager or trainer to take on board and deliver back to their teams.

In just one day you have the chance to glean so much. Take time out of the office and invest it in everything this event has to offer. You won’t regret it and you will leave feeling more competent in how to deal with recruitment and training… and ultimately keep your business moving successfully into the future.
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