K2gloans.Com Launches Education Finance Services In Delhi NCR in India

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New Delhi, India (September 08, 2017) -, a Fintech start-up that specializes in providing loans to parents for their children’s educational requirements, is launching its pilot in the cities of New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon in India. Started by veteran bankers, k2gloans endeavours to revolutionize education finance in India by using technology to make funding both affordable and accessible to all.

Speaking at the pilot, the start-ups’s Founder told that the technology can become a great enabler towards financial inclusion and making financial services accessible to all citizens. Realizing the importance of education in the Indian context and the desire of all Indian parents to provide best education to their children, k2gloans will use Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to make financing of education accessible to a larger set of people.

A simple online loan application process and automation of verification, risk assessment and disbursal will ensure that the users have a convenient and hassle free experience. Further, the products offered by k2gloans come with unique features such as best in class pricing, no collateral requirement and high loan limits.

After successful completion of the pilot, the services shall be launched in all major metros of India. The Founder expects k2gloan’s footprint to expand to 10 cities by 2018 and 25+ by 2019.

On the question of whether k2gloans will use their own funds to disburse loans or will tie-up with Banks and NBFCs, the Founder told that both options are open as of now.

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On the question of whether k2gloans will use their own funds to disburse loans or will tie-up with Banks and NBFCs, the Founder told that both options are open as of now.

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