JobiSite Offers the Facility for Recruiters to Post Their Job Openings For Free

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JobiSite offers the facility to post their job openings for free for recruiters. Most importantly as against other online job posting websites, they need not have to register to post their job openings with JobiSite.

Most classified websites offering the free job posting facility requires that the recruiter should register with the site before posting any free ad. But, recruiters need not have register to post free ads about the job openings available in their organization at jobiSite.

They can post details like the title of the job, the location like the country and name of the state, skills they look for and also a description of their expectation for the position like the number of years of experience they look for and any other details they wish to share with the prospective applicants. Further, they can provide their email, such that the applicants can send their resume to the email ID.

In addition to free job posting service, jobiSite also offers other facilities for recruiters like different plans, posting to multiple job boards, etc.

About JobiSite:
JobiSite is an excellent place, where job seekers and recruiters can meet each other. When recruiters can post their job openings for free, job seekers can also create their resume for free using the templates offered by JobiSite.

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