JobiSite Launches Services for Recruiters to Try Free Of Cost

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JobiSite is a website that brings together recruiters and job seekers. The website has now launched new services to help recruiters. The good thing about these new services offered by JobiSite is that recruiters can now try these services for free. Here are the details about the new services launched:

 Holding interviews: The site has a team of interview panelist. The panel can conduct interviews with the right candidates on behalf of the recruiters. This service is presently offered by JobiSite only for recruiters from USA and from India. The site will call up the suitable candidates and will announce the results to the recruiter. At present, the company can manage interviews for selection of candidates with knowledge of Identity management, AIPGEE, databases, Angular.js, .NET, UI, web services, Spring, J2EE and Java.
 Virtual assistance: The site has also introduced virtual assistance service for recruiters to get the right talents.
 Unlimited premium job posting: The job posts of recruiters will be highlighted by JobiSite and will be displayed in top search results.
 Promotion of advertisement: The job advertisements made by recruiters will be promoted by JobiSite on other social sites and job boards.
So, employers can now grab this new service launched by JobiSite and can try their service before deciding.

About JobiSite:
JobiSite offers recruiters with the facility to try this new set of services for 30 days without any obligation.

For more information, please visit

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