Jasonmould Industrial Company Limited Specializes In Injection Molding For Different Applications

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GuangDong Province, China (March 13, 2018) – JasonMould is a professional company that specializes in the China Plastic Injection Molding production. They are particularly specialized in plastic injection molding process. They produce plastic injection molding products, custom plastic injection molds and injection mold design for their customers irrespective of the industry to which they belong.

The China mold maker makes plastic molds that are helpful in the production of safety equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment and even household appliances manufacturing. Even, they produce molds that will help with the production of monitoring systems.

To make sure that the China plastic injection molding is carried out with the utmost perfection, the company has a factory that spreads over an area of 15000 square meters. Right from precise and small mobile phone parts, they are specialized in making even big automotive parts. The company also specialized in rapid prototyping service China.

The plastic injection molding company mainly export their products to the United States, UK, Japan and to Europe. The diversification strategy and full service of this company has won compliments from customers from around the world.

About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited:
Established in 2010, the important aim of JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is to provide customers with high-quality moulding products and services.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
JasonMould Industrial Company Limited
Contact Person: James Yuan
Address:LongGang Village, LongXi Town, BoLuo County, HuiZhou City,
GuangDong Province, China
Phone: 86-752-6682869

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Injection Molding helps many manufacturing industries to get molds that help with improving their production with ease. JasonMould Industrial Company specializes in this arena and brings the best molds to the customers. click the link for more info Rapid Prototyping Service china


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