Jacqueline Hutton Aims to Crowdfund Her Guyanese food truck Roti business, ‘The Spotted Dick Foodery’

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Fort Pierce, Florida, (April 16, 2019) - The Spotted Dick Foodery is a Guyanese food truck selling Roti on wheels. Stuffed or Wrapped roti, also often called simply ‘Roti’, is a healthy and delicious food that is served to customers in the least amount of time. The business aims to provide customers with healthy and mouthwatering foods in a fast-serving ambience. It is in the Fort Pierce area of Florida. This is a unique style of restaurant with a minimalist style, where customers have to eat outside.

The food truck would become operational as The Spotted Dick Foodery in the Fort Pierce, Florida region in May, 2019. Presently, the people behind it are serving customers located in the area of St Lucie County. The Spotted Dick Foodery would feature the steamed signature dessert pudding of the company is ‘Spotted dick’, a vanilla custard sauce. It would be served with other curries, Guyanese Roti and more.

The culture of Guyana has the influence of 7 varied heritages – Portuguese, Nepalese / Indian, Dutch, Chinese, British, Amerindian and African. Hutton has named her food truck after one of her signature British desserts – the Spotted Dick, which is a steamed pudding.

Jacqueline Hutton is the woman behind the business, and she is presently fundraising for the business on the crowdfunding campaign website called Kickstarter. She is making an appeal to people to back the project and make contributions to make the business a reality.

Hutton has worked hard at various jobs in order to provide for her family. She has worked as home health aide, school bus driver, substitute teacher, nursing assistant, paraprofessional for kids with special needs, behavior technician and more. Despite working in so many jobs, she made time to take part in many NYC and Florida food festivals as a vendor. She feels that it is wonderful to deal with individuals from different backgrounds, as she got the chance to provide support to people in the objective of their life and help them overcome their impediments in life. She liked to volunteer and work with individuals who have been victims of homeless situations, domestic abuse, substance abuse issues, mental illnesses and more.

About The Spotted Dick Foodery Campaign:
‘The Spotted Dick Foodery’, which is a Guyanese food truck Roti business of Jacqueline Hutton, the business mind behind this venture. She always dreamt of opening a successful food truck business. Hutton believes that her own financial impediments in the way of setting up her business might get resolved when people contribute generously to her crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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Jacqueline Hutton Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund ‘The Spotted Dick Foodery’, a Guyanese food truck Roti business in Florida. click the link for more info


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