Is My Fuse Board Unsafe?

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If you have a really old fuse board at home or don’t know the age of your fuse board then it may be time to replace it. The latest metal backed fuse boards (consumer units) come with RCD protection and miniature circuit breakers (MCBs). These features provide a much greater level of protection from fire and electrocution.

MCBs: Miniature Circuit Breakers replace old style fuses. There will be a MCB for every circuit in your property. MCBs are very sensitive and turn off the power immediately, if a fault is detected which causes the current to go above a safe level.

RCDs: Residual Current Detectors prevent electrocution and electrical fires by cutting the flow of electricity when leaking current is detected.

Think about replacing your fuse board if:

1. You have an old fuse board with wire fuses or old cartridge style fuses
2. You are adding extra circuits to your home e.g. adding an extension or garage conversion or adding extra sockets etc.
3. You are making alterations to the electrics in your kitchen or bathroom.
4. The fuse board is so old, it is of wood construction
5. The fuses in your home keep tripping
6. The fuse board contains asbestos flash pads. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous material and should never be removed or disturbed except by experts.

How Much Will a New Fuse Board Cost?

The price of installing and testing a new fuse board will depend on the number of electrical circuits in your property. However, it is usually costs between £300 and £500.

How long will it take?

This will depend on the age and size of the property and wiring. However it usually takes somewhere between half a day and a day to install and test a new fuse board

Keeping your property and those in it, safe from the risk of electrocution and fire is essential. If you have any worries about your fuse board always get a good, qualified electrician to check it over
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