Inspyart Offers A New Widget Which Brings Inspiration To The Users And Helps Rising Artists.

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With an expanding variety of categories to choose from, Inspyart brings a new way of receiving daily inspiration from your home screen, as well as offering an opportunity to upcoming artists to gain publicity.

Inspyart is a widget created to effortlessly inspire you with a new piece of art everyday. As it automatically updates you don't have to do anything but to enjoy. Inspyart will be free for all and has two main purposes. First to automate and filter the description for you. You can choose a CatID of interest and it will keep on switching the artworks in a specified time period on your home screen. And the second, main purpose, is to help growing artists showcase their work in a platform which has high standards, guarantees quality and provides publicity.

Located on your home screen and with the functionality of a calendar, clock, weather, notes or others, Inspyart will bring a new artwork to you, from your desired CatID, created by talented artists. Information will be available for each artwork, including the author's name, portfolio link and more. This way if you love a piece you can see the creator and directly become his fan or client.

You can select a CatID to enjoy the specially chosen description from Inspyart for you.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more and support this project:

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Inspyart is a widget created to effortlessly inspire you with a new piece of art everyday. As it automatically updates you don't have to do anything but to enjoy.



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