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Guangzhou, China – July 21, 2017 — SPDT 4 Life is a leader in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, combining the best of traditional medicine and protocols with the latest research and proven holistic and alternative treatments. Focusing on using Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT), the center’s highly experienced medical team combines all of these treatments, its own extensive knowledge, and the most recent advances in cancer research to create personalized cancer treatment programs designed to meet the unique and specific needs of each of its patients.

SPDT 4 Life is sought out by patients around the world who desire to take advantage of its unique approach, variety of strengths, and positive record of success. The key advantages of undergoing cancer treatments at SPDT 4 Life include:

● Wide range of holistic, alternative and traditional cancer therapies that take advantage of proven treatments and the latest advances in research
● World class hospital facilities offering the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, a highly skilled and experienced medical team, and access to all of the hospital’s other departments to address any need
● Highly personalized treatment protocols, diagnostics, and leading genetic testing are available to fully optimize the results for every patient
● Outstanding team of oncologists, doctors and staff manage every aspect of their patient’s personalized care
● Keen focus on returning patients to optimal health and well-being, as well as correcting underlying health concerns that may have contributed to or encouraged cancer growth
● Commitment to patient education and knowledge every step through the process

SPDT 4 Life is dedicated to helping every patient achieve an optimum recovery from their cancer and the health issues that contributed to it. With a commitment to use the latest, most effective and appropriate diagnostics and treatments, the center educates, eliminates and rejuvenates each patient to their fullest potential.

To learn more about SPDT 4 Life’s revolutionary holistic cancer treatments, to schedule a completely confidential consultation, or for more information about the treatment center itself, please visit, email, or call +1 86 20 3779 3597.

About SPDT 4 Life:
SPDT 4 Life is a World leading holistic cancer treatment center located at the Golden Sand Bay Hospital in Guangzhou, China. Born from a vision to build the World’s best cancer treatment center, SPDT 4 Life is revolutionizing the way cancer it treated. Replacing cancer-enhancing habits with cancer-fighting habits, the center empowers each of its patients to lead a truly healthy lifestyle.

Media Contact:
Contact: Lucy Li
Cancer Treatment Center: SPDT 4 LIFE
Address: Golden Sand Bay Hospital, No.1 Lichuan Road East, Jinshazhou, Guangzhou, China 510168
Phone: +86 20 3779 3597; Fax: +86 20 3761 8114
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Hospital in Guangzhou, China. Born from a vision to build the World’s best cancer treatment center, SPDT 4 Life is revolutionizing. click the link for more info World leading holistic cancer treatment center


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