Infinite Dreams Offers the Great Board Game to Experience a World of Endless Wonder to Gamers

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Franklin, TN (September 13, 2017) – Infinite Dreams has launched their Warehouse 13 game at Kickstarter. This is a board game that is semi-cooperative and it is also officially licensed. The game is based on the popular SyFy Show.

The base game is suitable for 3-5 players and the game lasts for 130 minutes. The game also has a fully co-operative version that can be played by 2-5 players. In this game, the players will take the roles of the most popular warehouse agents.

One of the players will be working as a spy for the challenger of the game James MacPherson. The players taking the role of warehouse agents will have to use the trait cards for probing clues. They should then use the clues for retrieving artifacts.

If they win three artifacts, the agents will win the game. But, with the loss of each artifact, MacPherson will gain strength. If the traitor and MacPherson capture three artifacts, the final game will begin. In the final game, the agents will have a single final chance to ruin MacPherson’s grand scheme.

About Warehouse 13:
Playing enthusiasts can now order this game through the Kickstarter campaign. With the base game, they will get field agent training manual, warehouse board, lost artifacts board, 5 warehouse agents shield, 5 warehouse dice covers, 18 custom engraved dice, 182 small cards, 73 large cards and tokens and character stands.

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About author: Sumanta Dutta

For gaming enthusiasts, Infinite Dreams is an attractive name. The company is known for their popular tabletop games. Now, the company has launched their Board Game named Warehouse 13 at Kickstarter.


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