In comparison with foreign children mature textile market

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While using general improvement of living standards of men and women, from child rearing "feed and clothe" toward a larger demand, "the pursuit of well being," the growth, especially since the only child in the 80 children who also spent their childhood years , children's consumer goods market continued expansion attendant, children textile forex also showed great potential for development, but a result of the huge gap within the domestic textile market, no-one even well-known textile brands, industry lacks a pacesetter, most enterprises still in watching takes place, which results within the most consumers want to buy and "buy" wanted children textile products.

In Western countries, children's textile companies are already very mature. Insiders, said, "In the West, using the adult various textile products much like foreign kids prefer mermaid pattern, hellokitty, Altman, Tom and Jerry, everything, but basically by regular manufacturers, the perfect returned goods along with other quality assurance, the retail price is fairly cheap, the larger prices are generally healthier eco-friendly materials. "

And in comparison with foreign children mature textile market, the domestic companies are almost blank. Professional textile mall in youngsters compared to adults class textile products was type of small, and even in some stores would not sell children's textile products.

Domestic experts that: "Most of the textile wholesale stores with adult-oriented textile products industry, the spot that the wedding could be the main product groups of textile products, general stores will store a small part from the cargo cartoon images or pink, nevertheless the crowd also purchased not just for infants. dimensions of children throughout the bed most 1.2 meters, as the average size bedding are larger, parents often elect to purchase only will the big bed. "

Children's online plaza sells textile products, however some more species compared to the store, however , many consumers Message commented unsatisfactory quality. The problem expense of high-quality children's textile products to consumers reflect low, manufacturers are feeling very aggrieved. A textile products manufacturing facility responsible, says: "For the children's textile products, a lot of people could imagine less using materials, design is simple, the purchase price should be lower fishes, however, the application of children's bedding fabric also needs from. numerous lowering the complete cloth, as opposed to the utilization of 'waste', especially since the implementation with the new national textile standards, but additionally to enhance the access threshold for children textile products market, color fastness, formaldehyde description, environmental certification, etc. aspect was very strict requirements, potentially may also increase the price of production of textiles for kids, during your another hand, children of low quality textile products, is because of some businesses to seize the fogeys want their kids happy freeloaders and psychological, to scale back costs of production profits on account of inferior products. "

"Lately, consumers ask children textile products significantly increased, inside the first half to find out themselves more into many of the children's bedding try to sell, though the effect just isn't very satisfactory. Yahuo serious, marketing and advertising to sell wedding products , a lot of customers to obtain wedding CatID only focused on the caliber of the brand, color and basically less, it is usually declared that all customers will need to buy the suit, even so the customers to obtain children's bedding comparison to picky more, they desire strange pattern, basically you will discover people all cartoon images to ask, but there's only so manufacturers are some common of the textile products, in general, customers were asked to get less. "a textile industry dealers said.

United States's domestic infant and child products market is still to use infancy, the lack of leading companies during the entire industry, due to the integration of the various market segments, and only some companies have started to emerge, brand extension and coming of sub-brands will be in the entire process of preparation and attempt. Infant products to penetrate the American market, foreign companies still use foreign technology, still did not develop textile products for infants physiological and growth characteristics of yankee children, so it's hard to form an unbiased strong brand.

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Insiders suggested that children with textile manufacturers, if the relationship one stage further of the nation, the country to target the rise of infants and kids, cannot use consumer buying psychology, no matter the interests of society, seeking only economic interests, to adopt discount bedding sets, although obtaining a windfall, however it is a short-sighted behavior. In my opinion soon, prices continued to in child bedding down noble gesture towards the folks, a cost-effective and practical, affordable baby products market will be formed. For more information, please visit:


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