Immersion in Nature in the Nublo Rural Park, Gran Canaria

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While the small island may be well known for its party scene, Gran Canaria is also stunningly beautiful. It’s pretty wherever you go, of course, but if you really want to get out of the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in nature, there’s nowhere better than the Roque Nublo Rural Park.

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Key Facts

Located in the very heart of the island, parts of the park creep into most of the municipalities. At 26,000 hectares, it boasts 30 small settlements and a huge variety of plant and animal life. Its highest point is Pico de las Nieves, which towers 1,949m above sea level.

Landscapes and Wildlife

Its central location and vast size mean Nublo features a wide range of natural features. Encapsulating ravines to the southwest, the Sándara Mountains, the Tejeda basin, and more, the park offers as much variety as many larger countries.

Pine trees are almost ever-present, offering an enticing aroma and welcome shade. Rivers and streams cut across the terrain, adding a sense of serenity and life to the area. At its coastal extremes, the land falls away in sheer, rocky cliffs, meeting the bright blue ocean below. Volcanic rock formations are also common, and the trees thin out into arid plains in some areas.

It’s a truly mind-blowing aspect of Gran Canaria. Transfers of culture and power that saw the island brought under Spanish rule have also led, eventually and by tortuous routes, to protection for this oasis. UNESCO has granted the park biosphere status, and the European Union has placed many of its unique species of bird under legal protection.

Cloud Rock

The park takes its name from the Roque Nublo or Cloud Rock, which is an imposing natural feature that was central to the area’s aboriginal cultures and has come to symbolise the island’s unity and identity. The rock itself was formed by long-ago volcanic eruptions and a steep trail offers access to the peak. As you ascend, keep an eye out for the ‘sea of waves’ – a weather phenomenon that gives the area around the site the name.


The Bentagya Visitors’ Centre should be the first port of call for anyone looking to explore Roque Nublo Park. The staff there will be happy to give you information about a number of hiking trails to help you get the most out of your exploration. Many of the region’s villagers still work in traditional agricultural areas and your wanderings might take you past goatherds or around farms, and guides will be more than happy to explain the unique histories you’ll encounter.

How to Get There

Flights from London Heathrow take around 4½ hours, and its popularity as a tourist destination means many major airlines compete to offer the best rates on journeys to Gran Canaria. Transfers are the best means of getting from the airport to your accommodation – especially if you’re venturing away from the more popular party areas, where public transport may not be as well developed.

If you’re searching for natural beauty, prepare to be entranced.
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