IMHX 2019: See the Newest Innovations in the Logistics Industry

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September marks the start of one of the most anticipated events in the logistics industry: IMHX 2019. If you’re in a position of management, we highly recommend you attend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the courier world for decades or if you’re a newbie who’s only just started your business – this is one function you don’t want to miss.

Read on for more information, including what to expect and what new and exciting technology is in the works.

The UK’s Largest Event in the Logistics Industry

The subheading says it all – IMHX 2019 is exactly that. This year it will be held in Birmingham. Over 400 of the leading names in the industry will be hosting exhibitions showcasing their new services, solutions, products and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

Meet new and existing suppliers – this means you’ll be able to network with thousands of professionals
Get tips on how to lower costs from your supply chain and distribution networks
Explore the exhibitions and evaluate the thousands of services and products they feature
Attend free workshops and seminars (you may even be exposed to trends and solutions in the logistics industry you weren’t previously aware existed)
Stay one step ahead of your competitors, because knowledge is power, after all!
Who Should Attend?

If you’re a logistics industry professional with a drive to improve your business then this event is for you. IMHX 2019 is perfect for:

Project, finance, supply chain and productions managers
Company, IT/communications and logistics/distribution/transport managers
Business development and materials handling professionals
It’s important to note that everyone from warehouse staff to board-level directors can get something out of this event – so even if you’re not in management, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend.

The Future is Now

IMHX 2019 will be showcasing some exciting new developments that could completely reshape the logistics industry. In fact, over a third of the exhibitions will be about some new form of autonomous vehicle, automation or robotics.

For example, a company called Dematic will be presenting ground-breaking warehouse technology, including a high intelligence software that features everything from a cloud-based Asset Performance Management platform (this allows users to get live updates on KPIs at multiple sites of distribution) to a Warehouse Management System.

Bito Storage Systems also has some innovations they’re ready to share with the world. To lower travel times for returns (among other things) for e-Commerce warehouses, they have created a driverless container transporter. It links to various workstations and then transports items from a processing point (such as the returns department) to other stations for disposal, repairs, returning or packing. The future really is now!

Whether you’re a warehouse worker, a board-level director or something in between, IMHX 2019 is an event you won’t want to miss. Expose yourself to the newest technology, the more desirable products and top tips that will help you better your business. Gear up and register today – September is fast approaching!
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