Hypersensitivity Reactions to MoM Hip Devices Wear Particles

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The wear particles from the Metal-on-Metal hip implants have been the cause of debate and discussion of health experts as it was linked to several cases of prosthesis failure, medical news reports say. Health care providers are not able to determine the how often these reactions may occur but they have identified several factors that may put a person at risk, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hypersensitivity reactions may not be experienced by all patients with MoM hip devices but they need to be aware of the symptoms for them to report it to their health care providers.

The FDA has listed the following problems as possible hypersensitivity reactions that may be experienced by patients:

- Rashes – this is one of the most common signs of sensitivity. Rashes may appear in any part of the body or may be concentrated on the hip area.

- Cardiomyopathy – this is the disease of the muscles of the heart wherein the muscles become thick, rigid or enlarged until it eventually weakens. The blood pumped throughout the body will then decrease and compromising the whole bodily functions. This may sooner or later lead to heart failure.

- Neurological and sensory changes – the vision of the patient may become impaired. If they are suffering from fatigue, problems in balance and coordination, fever, tremors, weakness, changes in personality and headaches.

- Changes in psychological status – they may exhibit changes in their behavior that may make them seem anxious, depressed or impaired.

- Renal impairment – the blood goes through the kidney to filter the unwanted materials in the body and some of the wear particles may be excreted in the kidney which in the long run may lead to kidney failure.

- Thyroid dysfunction – the thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate most of the metabolic processes in the body, thus it may cause problems in the body functions. In some cases, the patient may have an abnormal growth that may become cancerous.

Medical experts are continually conducting further studies to determine the extent of damage that these metal ions may cause if it reaches critical level. When reporting the symptoms to a primary physician, patients may need to inform them that they have a MoM hip device. A routine check-up is still needed even when patients are not experiencing any of the symptoms. However a Biomet hip lawyer was also visited by those who have experienced severe hypersensitivity reaction to the wear particles of their implants.
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