Hubcap Heaven: Get into the World of Wheel Trims

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Looking to give your van a fresh look? Are your wheels looking worn after years of abrasion from being on the road completing courier jobs? Fitting out your vehicle with a brand new set of wheel trims can have many benefits: alongside the obvious visual appeal and protection provided, you can use this opportunity to personalise and brand your van – particularly important if you’re self-employed and looking to get your name out there. If you’re heading out on courier jobs with scuffed, broken or even no hubcaps, then read on for my guide on how to change that in a jiffy.

Know your Rim Diameter

There’s plenty of choice out there whatever model you have. You can choose between a wide range of colours and sizes but before you start making any decisions it’s vital that you know the size of your wheels in their current state. To do so, you need to find out the rim diameter. There’s no need to get the measuring tape out though! Simply look at the sidewall of one of your tyres and the number which is embossed on the tyre before the speed rating is the rim diameter, measured in inches – typical values are between 12 and 16 inches. Once you have that number, you can use it when searching for tyre rims online to quickly narrow down your options, and you’ll be one step closer to taking on all your courier jobs with a great new look.

Focus on Ford

As it’s the UK’s most popular work van for self-employed and company employees alike, I’ll use the Ford Transit as an example to show the various options on offer as well as give you an idea of price. For a set of four 16 inch hub caps for any model between 2012 and 2017 you can expect to pay £35.99, while 15 inch hub caps can cost as little as £23.90. If you only need to replace one hub cap and don’t want to buy a full set that’s no problem – a single costs approximately £15.

In terms of colour, silver wheel trims are the most common option and can provide a discreet but smart look. Equally, there’s no need to settle for silver – gloss black is a firm favourite for many. Adding a red stripe means your vehicle is bound to catch the eye while you’re fulfilling your courier jobs. When it comes to material, my advice is to go for aluminium or chrome: while more expensive than plastic, it’s undoubtedly sturdier and much more effective in the long run.

Bear in mind that, although the majority of wheel rims will easily clip on and remain secure, fitting a cable tie to guarantee it stays could be prudent. If you’re self-employed a ‘right first time’ approach is particularly important, and for the sake of forking out a few quid on cable ties it’s worth doing so if you’re not completely sure your new wheel rims are secure.
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