How To Switch Your Dog To A High Fiber Dog Food?

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High fiber dog foods can significantly improve your dog’s digestive tract and is something that many dog owners should be considering. Switching your dog to a high fiber diet also comes with additional benefits as well.
Benefits Of High Fiber Dog Food:
High fiber dog foods can be an optimal choice for dogs who are overweight. Since the fiber keeps you dog feeling fuller for longer periods of time the will consume fewer calories.
Fiber can help alleviate constipation and diarrhea.
High fiber dog foods can help prevent canine diabetes because it helps control the blood sugar levels in your dog.
Fiber also helps speed up the food processing done in the intestines, which can help reduce the risk of colon cancer in your dog.
How To Switch Your Dog To A High Fiber Dog Food?
Just as you would with any new foods or ingredients, you feed to your dog you will want to slowly incorporate high fiber dog food into your dog’s diet. High fiber dog foods should be added into your dog’s current dog food in small amounts first. This will allow their bodies to get better acquainted with the increase in fiber. By doing this slowly you dog’s systems can slowly adjust to fiber. You also want to ensure they are drinking plenty of water. While fiber can help your dog adsorb more of the nutrients found in its food it can also be slightly more difficult for them to maintain water.
Best High Fiber Dog Foods

Not only is this dog food a great source of fiber it is also one of the best brands. There are no GMOs found in this product, and they use all natural ingredients so you will not find any meat by-products, artificial colors or preservatives.
The Royal Canin high-fiber dog food focuses on gastrointestinal health. If you dog has been suffering from any number of intestinal issues such as diarrhea or colitis that this dog food can greatly relieve their suffering.
Ultra Weight Management Dry Dog Food
This high fiber option is not only a great way to increase your dog’s fiber intake but also offers a number of other beneficial ingredients. The whole grains, lean protein and natural oils provide a number or antioxidants that can improve or maintain your dog’s overall health.
Switching your dog to a high fiber dog food can have many health benefits. Whether you want to help maintain your dog’s health or need to help them fight off some extra pounds a high fiber diet can greatly improve your dog’s overall health. Just remember to make the transition slowly by incorporating small amounts of the high fiber dog food mixed in with their current dog food.
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