How to Make Money Whilst Travelling the Globe

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Many people dream of travelling the globe. Unfortunately, not many are able to fund trips of this scale as they can be so expensive. While it is true that you can save funds by checking into budget hostels and buying cheap food, there are also expenses which you cannot avoid, like backpacker travel insurance and visas.

If you want to see the world but have a few financial concerns, it will delight you to hear that it is possible to make money whilst you are travelling. This allows you to keep your finances up so that you can continue enjoying the trip, but in many cases it can also help you to meet new people, learn new skills and enhance your backpacking experience.

Teaching English

You often hear of people teaching English as a foreign language. It is an easy, flexible and fun way to fund your trip and it also allows you to settle down in one area. Teaching English can be very rewarding and you are sure to make many friends along the way (teachers and students alike!). In many cases, a language school will provide their em-ployees with all kinds of cool bonuses, too. This could include more cash in your pocket or excursions to exciting places nearby.


Bartending is a great skill to have as there is always demand around the world for those that can pull a good pint. Even if you have no experience, they will often consider you or offer you work collecting glasses. You can find this work anywhere, but particularly in backpacker hotspots where the parties never stop.

The staff turnover is very high in these places as people are often travelling through, so the work can be flexible and you get to meet plenty of fun people. Just remember which side of the bar you are on during your shift!


Wi-Fi availability in every corner of the globe means that the entire world can be your office. There has been a sharp rise in online work in recent times which has allowed people to work remotely and on the move. Online job sites like Peopleperhour, UpWork and Task Rabbit are superb resources for finding easy online jobs that anybody can do to fund their travels. It can be competitive and hard at first, but once you have gained a portfolio the work could soon be flying in. One of the key benefits of online work as a backpacker is the fact that you are your own boss. This flexibility will allow you to plan your work around the trip.

Hostel Work

Hostels are always on the lookout for English-speaking volunteers. As remuneration, you can expect free accommodation, free food and maybe even free drinks! The work is of-ten as easy as checking people in and out or providing advice on the local area. Hostels are very sociable and fun places, so you are guaranteed to have a laugh and encounter many interesting people. Keep in mind that you will not be earning during this time, so it may be best to view this as a short term option (unless you make it your new home!).

These are four great ways to fund your trip and important expenses like backpacker tra-vel insurance. Travelling is all about action, adventure and going off the beaten path. Our backpacker travel insurance allows you to do just that and provides the protection and confidence you need to go out and see the world in all its glory!
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