How to Have a Happy Homestay: London Student Accommodation

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If you’re thinking about studying abroad and opting for a homestay, London has plenty of opportunities. Staying with a host family is not only a great way to improve your English, but also allows you to fully experience the local culture.

Homestays are rarely unsuccessful, but in order to make it work between you and your host, some ground rules will need to be established on arrival. If you’re keen to make your homestay a success, here are a few tips:

Help with Cleaning

Your host is likely to want to keep their house clean and tidy, so you will be expected to clean up your own mess. Be sure to ask about the basics: the usual cleaning routines and whereabouts of products such as bin liners and cloths. You should also sort out your own dishes, so if there is a dishwasher, make sure you find out how to use it properly.

Helping out around the house is not usually compulsory, but there’s no harm in offering a little extra assistance after mealtimes or during weekends when you aren’t studying.

Learn the Household Routines

Depending on the dynamic of your host family, you may find there are several clashing morning routines which could end up causing everyone a lot of stress. It is advised that you figure out a schedule with your host family in order to avoid these clashes and ensure everyone can leave the house showered, dressed and on time! This will no doubt improve the relationship with others in the household and make for more relaxed mornings.

Night-time routines are equally important – find out when the family tend to go to sleep so that you can ensure any loud music or TV is switched off. It’s important to consider all members of the household, so try to fit around their schedules as often as you can.

Interact and Socialise

Making a conscious effort to interact with others in the household is a great way to not only improve relationships, but work on your spoken English skills. Though you may struggle to communicate at first, talking to your hosts at mealtimes and going on outings at weekends will rapidly improve your language skills. If you make the effort to build on relationships, you’ll no doubt create a great, friendly dynamic between yourself and the family.

Whoever you end up staying with, it’s important to take these tips on board and make the most out of your homestay. London itself has so much to offer, and many host families are happy to assist with tours of the city and insider tips.

Staying with a local family can be a great way to improve your language skills, immerse yourself into local culture and find lifelong friends. If you opt for a homestay, London will be your oyster!
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Sophie Smith works as an independent consultant, specialising in offering advice on London student accommodation ranging from the Hall of Residence to an apartment to a homestay. London offers an unbeatable experience for international students, and Sophie has many suggestions to make sure that their time in the city is positive, safe and enjoyable.


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