How to Find the Best above Ground Pool Pumps

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Above Ground Pool Pumps and the filters are typically sold as a single unit. This system is commonly attached to a base and is more affordable compared to the individual filter and pump. It is considered as the heart of your pool, and it is critical to keep the water in the pool clean. Choosing the wrong pump can affect the quality of water in your pool system. In order to help you find the best Pool pump, here is a short but comprehensive guide to finding the right pump in the market.

Tips in Finding the Best above Ground Pool Pumps
The horsepower that is required for the Above Ground Pool Pumps can be verified using a simple rule. The above ground pool that measures around 24-ft round or less, a 1HP pump is needed those that exceeds the 24-ft measurement requires a pump with 1.5 HP. The common misconception of those who owned pool is that the higher the horsepower is, the better it would be. But in reality, an excessive power in filter causes the water to pass through the filter rapidly preventing the proper filtering of the pool water.
The Speed
A typical above the ground pools have pumps with one stable speed which keep running at one pace all the time. Because of the developing costs of energy and ecological concerns, different makers of Above Ground Pool Pumps have started manufacturing double speed pumps which are available in low and fast settings. These settings permit you to operate the equipment at a considerably lower speed for fundamental pool circulation and afterward change to a higher pace when extra power is required for vacuuming the pools, discharging a filter or whatever other pool application that needs a higher power.
Sand Filter is the most common type of filter included in the Above Ground Pool Pumps. It uses a unique filter that you can usually found on home improvement shops. It is also the most affordable type of filter compared to Cartridge and DE. With Cartridge filtration, the cartridge is loaded with filters. Once the water passes through the cartridge, small debris and dirt will be filtered on the system. It has the ability to trap dirt measuring 10-20 microns in size which is smaller compared to Sand Filter that has the ability to filter 20-40 microns. The DE Filtering System is what most professionals are using. It has the ability to remove the dirt that is significantly smaller compared to the two filtering system.
Finding the best Above Ground Pool Pumps is dependent upon the factors that are mentioned above. The filtering system is totally up to your preference. Though the DE filtering system has the highest capacity to filter the smallest debris, the maintenance of the device may come expensive.
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