How to Create the Best Buffet Catering

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In case you are planning to throw out a celebration or a big event like birthday or wedding reception, there is a good chance that you are considering a buffet catering. It is the most efficient way to entice your guests with all the delicious delicacies, but it is also exposed to a lot of shortcomings. Here are some useful tips that will prevent you from failing on your catering and will take it from a whole new level of excitement.
Tips on How to Create the Best Buffet Catering
Think about the movement of your guests
When it comes to food, you should always expect that your guests will move in pack. It is like human waves that are standing close to the buffet catering table without paying any attention if they are being a nuisance or what. So in order to find a solution to this common concern, you have to think in advance about how the people will move inside the venue. When you start a buffet line, you should determine the starting point and the end of the line. Make sure that there will be a space in the beginning and the end so they can freely choose the things that they like. One useful tip is to place the drinks at the last part of the buffet table and away from the foods so it will be a lot easier for the guest to grab their drinks and also there is a lesser possibility that the drink will spill on the food.
Put the Drinks on a Separate Table
If you are planning to add a coffee where they need to add sugar and creamer, consider putting it on a different table. That way, it will not disrupt the buffet line, and there is also a lesser chance that it will make a mess on the buffet catering table. You might also need to consider placing it near the kitchen as jugs; pots and other machines for brewing or pressing your drinks are heavier.
The common hospitality when arranging your buffet catering table is that the cutlery should always be placed after the plate. You should never placed cups, knives, spoon or fork at the beginning of the table. Those things that they need to juggle should be at the end. If you want to make it better, placed the cutlery at the table where the guest will sit.
Finally, the food on the buffet catering table should be arranged strategically. Those less expensive foods should be placed at the beginning of the table and the expensive food at the last. Put the veggies at the beginning of the line and the protein at the end.
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