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Santa isn’t the only male interested in being jolly at Christmas. With the yuletide season rapidly approaching, many men (and women) find that all the jingle bells and chestnuts roasting on open fires find that they start to feel unseasonably warm. Seasonal sensual tips can help to make the season even brighter than usual, especially for men who already make it a point to practice good male organ care. Use these sensual tips to supplement one’s holiday cheer.

• Open presents early. The holiday season is more festive when people really get into the spirit. One good way is by recreating the joy a person felt upon opening their presents on Christmas Day. But as adults – and especially if a couple has children – they may want to open their special presents on Christmas Eve, after they are alone. Hopefully these presents will include some naughty gifts for being so nice – such as a new manhood ring for him, perhaps, and a vibrating toy for her. Or one can go the DIY route and wrap a bow around one’s member to keep things downhome and simple.

• Dress appropriately. Get into the holiday spirit in whatever clothing manner one likes best. For some this may mean chocolate-flavored edible underwear. Others may enjoy dressing up fully as Santa and getting help from a special elf in disrobing. Fond of ugly Christmas sweaters? A couple can each wear their favorite one – and absolutely nothing else.

• Don’t forget to decorate. Brightly lit trees are all very well and good, but don’t stop there. Encourage partners to hang candy canes on their males’ tree limb-like appendages. Men may want to toss icicles or garlands around their partners’ breasts. And since men already have their own balls, there’s no need to go for the glass versions – but a lady friend may still want to body-paint them festive colors.

• Work off calories. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas is a time when there’s way too much food around – and it’s all so good that’s difficult to stop eating. Most people are going to overindulge – which means they are going to need to work off those extra calories. Going to the gym is great, or snow skiing, or any other number of activities – but why not make it a point to up one’s sensual game as well? Whether engaging in sensual activity with a partner of all alone, it does help to burn off calories in the most enjoyable way possible.

• Make the most of the mistletoe. Kissing while standing under the mistletoe is a lovely tradition – but don’t stop there. Arrange with a partner for each of you to come up with a different special sensual act or fantasy to perform and whisper what it is whenever caught under the sprig – and then arrange to enact the situation later when everyone else is asleep. Discuss all the options later and decide which ones both are comfortable with – and then prepare to have fun.

Christmas comes but once a year, so couples shouldn’t waste this golden opportunity to spice up their sensual lives.

And of course, a guy doesn’t have to wait for Christmas to incorporate sensual tips into his sensual play. One year round tip is to daily apply a first class male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) as part of a daily care regimen. The best crème will include both L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid which helps boost nitric oxide production, thereby enabling manhood blood vessels to more readily expand. The latter has neuroprotective properties which can help guard against a loss of sensitivity in the member due to rough handling or other issues.
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