Hip-Hop Playing Cards Has Launched a Campaign on Kickstarter

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Atlanta, GA (September 05, 2017) – The 1998 Deck is the card game that brings together the yearning 90s hip-hop to card games. The campaign is posted by Khia Jackson, an Atlanta based graphic designer.

The creators of this card game have already completed the initial works for the production of this game. This game is designed as a 4-part series that makes use of the legendary hip hop artists as its imagery. However, the special thing that most card players will love is that the cards maintain the same layout and guidelines of the official poker cards.

The creator of this game has created the Biggie Deck, which is a part of the 4-part series. He is also trying to mass produce another deck named the Nas Deck. In each of these decks, players will notice that the position of rappers change and also the artwork differs. Khia Jackson says “So, when the series of 4 is finally completed, Biggie Smalls will be the King of ‘Spades’, ‘Clubs’, ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Hearts’; all with different coloration and design variations.”

Supporters will get their gifts and rewards like a coffee mug, canvas tote, baseball hat, etc.

About The 1998 Deck:
A campaign is posted on Kickstarter by the creators of the 1998 Deck for production of the deck and also for its shipping.

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