Healthy Chocolates? Anything is Possible With enJoy!

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The wonderful thing about the world of wholesale chocolate is that there is room for everything a customer could ever desire. If you want delicacies full of exotic fruit, we’ve got them. Sugary treats from your childhood? No problem. And now, thanks to the likes of innovative brands such as enJoy!, we have healthy chocolate that actually tastes good!

How to enJoy! Chocolaty Treats

Consumers nowadays are very aware of the health impact of the foods they are buying. Everyone allows themselves a treat once in a while, but wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your customers a guilt-free indulgence? enJoy! is a health-conscious brand that’s determined to save the chocolate bar from the ‘junk’ cupboard by delivering raw, natural and organic products to the savvy consumer. In other words, it helps you help your customers. enJoy! markets its original bars as a healthy alternative to the traditional combination of milk and sugar that is troublesome for allergy and intolerance sufferers – as well as for those who are keeping an eye on the scale!

The Beginnings

enJoy! was born from the needs of its founder, Chris Crutchley. Chris suffered from serious allergies, and knew that many so-called ‘healthy’ products in the wholesale chocolate market were still not good enough. As a result, he was inspired to create a sweet treat that could be enjoyed by those with a variety of intolerances and allergies. With his wife, Steph, Chris created a brand with a mission – to manufacture an all-natural cacao product. The most important part? It had to pack a punch with flavour and satisfy those chocolaty cravings we all get!

The Products

Chris and Steph were very successful, turning their dream of a high-quality, flavourful and all-natural treat into a reality. The enJoy! range is made from three simple, natural ingredients. The cacao butter, which is the natural fat found in the outer lining of the bean, and the raw cacao power, which is ground directly from the bean, are drawn from the legendary Peruvian criollo cocoa known as the ‘Queen of Cacao’. Along with these two ingredients, the product makes use of coconut blossom sugar. This delicious-sounding, natural sweetener is made from the sap of coconut tree buds. Coconut blossom sugar is a key ingredient, as it has a lovely flavour, but has a lower Glycemic Index (GI) than normal refined sugar. Consequently, Chris and Steph’s products are suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant customers... and for all other chocolate lovers as well!

enJoy!’s all-organic bars are gluten, soya and dairy free and taste great to boot. Connoisseurs will enjoy the full taste of the intense 85% bar, where the flavours of the cacao are allowed to shine through. As the beans are never heated above 42 °C, this raw bar boasts a luxurious, unique flavour. Alternatively, the mild 65% is a good option for all ages and palates; it is an especially great treat for kids, as parents are happy knowing exactly what goes into each bar.

Now that enJoy! products are successfully selling wholesale, chocolate manufacturers and consumers everywhere will be taking notice of this booming trend. Don’t be surprised if, by this time next year, your clientele is as knowledgeable about healthy chocolate as you are!
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