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An Indian born Fitness trainer and Nutritionist who lives in San Francisco Bay, California(USA). Guru Mann offers free programs for assisting the complete Indian neighborhood to be a fit nation with assist of T-Series. Guru Mann provides free fitness guide for every single age people on his YouTube channel. He assists in fitness connected concern If you follow you will get result for confident. Even a lot of Indian celebrities follow him. When he was in school skinny he used to have bully for his extremely light weight but he worked by himself.

In 2010, In the course of his initially photo shoot one girl a American lady asked him about his physique she liked it and asked a query about his physique. She said “Hi I like your physique, you look ripped. Where you from?” Guru Mann replied “I am from India” the lady was shocked and said” Do not take me incorrect but I've in no way noticed Indian fit” that thing strikes him. He began undertaking survey. He went to a variety of locations with pen-paper he began monitoring Indians the percentage he discover was from 1000 is 2-3% fit only.

Guru Mann approached a lot of fitness organizations to assist Indian community to have fit but they refuse each of the offers from Guru Mann. He did various study , talked to Globe Health Organization(WHO) got the numbers and started calling GYMs, government employees and so on. to perform together however they refuse and ignored then he began producing his personal free videos on YouTube. Some made exciting of him by saying “what he's doing” then he talked with High Level President of T-series and they liked his Strategy for 3-5 years.

He helped people personally too whenever he meets them personally. Guru Mann Says most effective medicine is your meals. The issue you eating daily matters more than those drugs which you take everyday to cease to not destroy it. He firstly worked with his own family and he really fixed his family’s cholesterol , diabetes and so on. Right after acquiring productive result he began creating video for complete nation.

When he began his Channel on YouTube for the 1 month he had 0 subscribers and now 1.1million subscribers. Some said he's random but he didn’t quit. He created a “6 week shredded program” and people liked it and begin sharing. In 1.5-2 years he got 50000 subscribers till 2015. He started his personal private channel as well exactly where he guide people about gyming & day-to-day about how his every day life goes and in T-series channel he talk about everyday basic life nutrition and food. 0-1.1 million subscribers are produced with “never give up” phrase not with just giving up. His Channels on YouTube are “Guru Mann Fitness” and “Health and Fitness”.
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