Guide to 2014 Line of Women’s Bowling Shoes from Brunswick

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I am not sure about you but for me personally every time someone mentions the word Brunswick I think of bowling. One of the main reasons is their omnipresence. They are everywhere. There is no state without their bowling centers.

The company have been making the best bags on the market for decades and is either number 1 or number 2 (depending on whom you are asking) in bowling balls as well.

Shoes were the only market where Brunswick wasn’t a major force. Dexter was pretty much the only game in town with probably 80% market share and all other companies were left fighting over the scraps.

A couple of years ago things began to change. Brunswick got new people on board to run their shoes division and in just 2 short years they are the the second biggest player in this market which is pretty impressive.

Anyway, that’ part of the past. Today I want to review their new line of shoes for women. In a consequent articles I’ll describe every shoe in more details.

Charm, Curve, Diamond, Glide, Plaid and Silk are the 6 models in the current line of women’s bowling shoes.

One interesting fact to keep in mind is that neither one of the six shoes is a performance bowling shoe. That’s right Brunswick doesn’t play in this market. However, this is about to change the next bowling season starting in the autumn of 2014.

The least expensive one of Brunwick’s women’s shoes is the Silk. It retails for for $34.95 on-line. The Silk comes in two colors only – black/white (normal and wide width) and blue/white.

What’s that special about this shoe? Well, the Brunswick exclusive Komfort-Fit Construction for one and also the man-made upper along with the textile lines with padded tongue and collar and last but not least – the non-marking outsole.

For only $38.95 you have the second cheapest shoe in the line – the Plaid. It is available in pink and purple and also has Brunswick exclusive Komfort-Fit construction.

The shoe itself has a man-made upper and textile lined with padded tongue and collar. Similar to the Silk this shoe has a non-marking rubber outsole too.

If you have $1 more to spend on shoes you might want to check out the Diamond that can be found online for $39.95. The only difference between the Diamond and the cheaper shoes is the microfiber slide pad on both feet with FlexSlide technology.

The Glide comes in one color ,too – very feminine pink&white, I’m sure ladies will love it. The of the shoe are nice and soft. The inside is well padded which makes the shoe very comfortable. It’s also sturdy.

True, the Glide is a shoe for the beginner bowler but I am sure you can fool even the pro bowlers because they slide really well. The shoe sells for $45.95 online which is a bargain.

Brunswick Curve comes in 4 colors – purple, blue, white/coral and white/hot pink. It sells for $2 more than the Glide - $47.95 but you get more shoe for the money. Here’s what I mean.

The first thing people notice about this shoe is the contemporary look. It looks like the times when all women’s bowling shoes looked like they would be worn by little old ladies are gone. The comfort is great and a few ladies shared with me they regret that the Curve can be worn only at the lanes.

I saved the most expensive shoe for last. The Charm go for $66.95. It’s available in black&white only.

The Komfort-Fit technology is what sets the Charm apart from the competition. Another thing is the edgy look. I am surprised that Brunswick don’t charge at least ten bucks more to be in line with what their competitors charge for bowling shoes in the same class.

Want people to envy you? Then fork out $66.95 and people would be waiting in line to befriend you next League Night, that’s for sure.

In the article I mentioned a few times how much these shoes cost. Remember, these are the lowest prices I was able to find on those shoes. No, I didn’t go on

The site in question is and in addition to the low prices they offer free shipping and returns.
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So why don’t you visit for the latest bowling shoes for women by Brunswick and while there also check the blog entry on women’s bowling shoes by Brunswick as well.


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