Giving Back: Divine and the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2017

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Hf Chocolates is always on the lookout for remarkable brands. We love suppliers who go that extra mile; whether they put a smile on the face of their customers or lend a hand to those in need. I am excited to report that one of my favourite brands we work with, Divine, has been nominated for a prestigious Social Enterprise Award. In addition to its yummy chocolate supplies, Divine’s social impact puts them ahead of the crowd.

Divine by Name

Divine has long been known to us as a leader in the field of fair-trade chocolate. As true trailblazers, they believed in their mission enough to bring to the mass market the first ever commercial fair-trade chocolate bar in 1998. This bar was meant to compete with the best of UK chocolate supplies to show that fair-trade was a viable and vital part of cocoa’s future.

Divine is committed to supporting its own suppliers. The company is partially owned by an 85,000-strong farmer’s co-operative in Ghana called Kuapa Kokoo, which produces chocolate supplies for every bar. The cooperative does not sell through government agents, but prefers to trade its own cocoa. Due to the farmers’ stake in the company, their voices get heard both in major company decisions, such as product development and marketing, but also in the global markets. Additionally, they get a proportion of the profits, acknowledging their importance in the chocolaty process of production.

In the future, Divine wants to empower women in the company and encourage a wider cultivation of environmentally-friendly cocoa.

And the Award Goes To...

The Social Enterprise Awards are all about businesses that care. The various awards, such as Women in Social Enterprise and International Impact, draw together the best of British Enterprise and celebrate their inspiring achievements. The award that Divine is nominated for is a Social Enterprise ‘Consumer Facing Award’. This award is intended:

“…to recognise a successful, growing social enterprise with a clearly defined brand and social mission that delivers a product or service to the public.”

Here at headquarters, we think that Divine’s impressive background and continued efforts in the realm of fair-trade treats more than qualifies the company for this award. However, there is some serious competition. There are many wonderful organisations that want to give back to specific communities and look after the environment - as well as run a financially successful business. We wish everyone the best of luck!

Heavenly Products for Your Shop

If you want to support the great work Divine is doing, why not get some of their high-quality chocolate supplies for your customers? This fair-trade cooperative has become a household name, thanks to their innovative business style and delicious products. With consumers becoming more and more aware of the environmental and social impacts of their everyday purchases, marketing the fair-trade pedigree of suppliers such as Divine is a fantastic way to help your customers indulge guilt-free.
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