Get to Your Rental Fast With These Top Airport Tips

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Hiring a car is a great way to enjoy an independent holiday experience, and with so many hire companies available you have plenty of choices. Picking up your vehicle at the start of your trip or dropping it off at the end already comes with a certain amount of stress, and negotiating the airport in a foreign country can be tricky and can leave you feeling quite frustrated – but have no fear. Here are a few tips, from supplementing your rental’s loss damage waiver with car hire excess insurance to checking in online, to help you minimise your worry and make your arrival or departure more efficient.

Use Online Check-In

This is such a useful feature, especially if you are travelling with only hand luggage. However, you might need to get an additional boarding pass at the airport if you have hold luggage

Passport, Tickets, Money

While travelling, make sure all your documents are up-to-date and accurate, and carry things in a place that you can easily access. Keep your passport and boarding pass on hand and always pack your hire car information and other important papers separately so you don’t risk losing everything at once.

How Heavy are Your Bags?

Make use of the scales provided in front of the check-in queues. This means that if you need to repack something so you adhere to the weight limits, you can do so before you check in. You save time and don’t risk holding everyone else up either.

Get Equipped

It is wise to make sure both your hand luggage and travel outfit are appropriate. First and foremost, make sure that your carry-on bag is suitable and fits with the airline’s regulations. This will avoid questions and hold ups concerning whether or not you can take the bag with you onto the plane. Slip on shoes are another good idea, especially when you know you may have to take your shoes off at security. Grab yourself a couple of clear plastic bags for your lip balms, travel cosmetics and liquids, and you are all set to get straight through security with minimal fuss.

Keep an Eye on Your Flight

The more travelling you do the more complacent you get, and sometimes the obvious things are ignored. Make sure you don’t head to the airport until you know your fight is on time. It is also a good idea to check the status of the flight before you drop off your rental car. You never know if you might need it for another few hours!

Useful Info

Write down the airline’s helpline numbers and keep them close at hand – it’s recommended you pop them into your phone in case you need them. There are also some great apps out there that help you receive up-to-date information. Tripit is a popular one that will notify you of flight changes, delays and cancellations. These apps also offer you access to alternative travel arrangements should you need them.

Before You Travel

It is a good idea to purchase car hire excess insurance before you travel. Rental companies might offer a loss damage waiver, but they are often inadequate when it comes to accidents or other mishaps and you may end up spending more than you thought if an incident occurs.

Avoid any unforeseen costs and a sour end to your holiday – instead of relying on a collision or loss damage waiver, purchase car hire excess insurance. Once you have this peace of mind, make sure you heed the above tips and your getaway will not be marred by a stressful airport experience.
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Sam Walker is a specialist insurance expert at LowerHire, a company that offers low-cost single trip and annual multi-trip car hire excess insurance policies. Travellers can avoid the hidden costs of the loss damage waiver in their rental agreement and look forward to a stress-free car hire experience.


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