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Baoan, China, (November 22, 2018) - HTL has unveiled a wide range of outdoor LED displays with exclusive features. These specially designed to be used in outdoor environment and gulp the market of other displays for advertisement. They have categorized the displays according to its usages- LED Traffic Information; LED sports Displays, arcLED Display, LED Advertisement Display and lots more. The most attractive of these displays are that these are manufactured with IP 65 special material which helps them to withstand any strong natural disasters and weather conditions.

Along with these the company also has a plethora of indoor displays also like indoor rental LED display screen, wedding stage, Dancing floor LED screen and others. As it is durable, light-weighted and easy to install, you can prefer this to buy in any case. Most surprisingly, you get amazed by the lighting effects of the dance display which forms various shapes including flowers, water ripples and what’s not! You don’t worry about the power consumption as it saves up to 25% of the electricity. The giant LED display is now used in movie theaters too for offering a wide angle to the spectaculars with High-Definition resolution. These displays can be used in the auditorium, banquette hall and conference room, etc.

About HTL:
HTL Group established on 8th September, 2006. It’s headquarter is in Shenzhan, China. Mostly, they specialize for manufacturing and producing LED display. It is an ISO9001:2008 certified company. They have high quality technical R & D team. They exported their products more than 50 countries, such as Spain, Korea, Italy, Holland, Mexico, etc.

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Media Contact:
HTL Group Co. LTD.
Address: Building 1, Deyongija Industrial Zone, Guangqio Road, District- Baoan, Shenzhan city, China
Phone: +86-13714518751

About author: Sumanta Dutta

HTL produces the wide plethora of the exemplary quality outdoor LED video display with advanced technology for the world. This company is one of the best LED screen manufacturers in China.


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