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Hip Replacement Surgery

Joint ailments are not rare these days; there are abundant of people around the world suffering from different types of Joint disorders and the associated problems. One of the most crucial joints in our body is the Hip Joint and even the smallest issue affecting this joint can bring a lot of discomfort for the patients. Different types of diseases are there that can damage the Hip Joint badly, also accidental injury is also one of the causes. Medications, physiotherapy and other conventional methods are there to address these issues. However, when these methods fail to provide any relief, a Hip Replacement Surgery is recommended.
The joint diseases include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteonecrosis, Avascular Necrosis, Hip Labral Tear, an injury that has caused serious harm to the Hip Joint, fracture, Bursitis and Cancer. As compared to earlier times,
There is a wide spectrum of Hip Replacement Procedures performed these days, depending on the amount of damage caused to the Hip region.

Total Hip Replacement – In this, a big incision is made on the side section of the Hip, which dislocates the Hip. Then, the damaged femoral head is removed and swapped with a metal stem and a metal or ceramic ball is placed on the upper portion of the stem. The damaged or worn cartilage of the socket is then replaced with a metal socket. Screws and cement are used to hold this together
Hip Arthroscopy – Also called ‘Hip Scope’, it is a minimally invasive surgery, where an instrument known as Arthroscope is used. This allows the surgeon to look inside the joint by avoiding a big incision through the skin and the nearby soft tissues. This procedure helps in diagnosing the issue and in treating the issues too.
Hip Resurfacing – A surgical alternative to Total Hip Replacement, in this the Femoral Head is trimmed and capped with a metal covering. However, in Total Hip Replacement surgery, the Acetabulum and the Femoral Head are removed.
Other Hip procedures include Fused Hip Takedown, Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR), Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), Hip Replacement Revision Surgery and a few others. However, it depends to what extent the damage has occurred and also the choice and expertise of the surgeon.

Hip Replacement Surgery in India Benefits

Leading Orthopaedic hospitals with the latest infrastructure and progressive surgical approaches implemented regularly
High success rates
Accomplished and talented Orthopaedic surgeons like Dr Vijay C. Bose, with extensive experience in this field
Affordable Hip Replacement packages available
Getting an appointment with Dr Vijay C. Bose not difficult with the help of Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India
Expert Surgeon

The abundance of healthcare talent in India is undeniable and highly laudable. There are very few nations across the globe to stand a chance to compete with India in this matter. Thus, in the field of Orthopaedic too, there are several acclaimed names, one of them being Dr Vijay C. Bose. He is currently associated with the Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute at Chennai as well as with the SRM Institute for Medical Science (SIMS), as the Joint Director, Orthopaedic and Consultant Joint Reconstructive Surgeon. With highly advanced training and qualifications earned from highly coveted medical institutes, he is one of the most sought-after names. A top Hip Surgeon India, the areas of expertise are Complex Hip, Knee and Shoulder problems and very proficiently handles a wide spectrum of surgeries associated with these joints.
His youngest patient on whom he did a Hip Resurfacing is 14 years old; oldest male patient 73 years old and oldest female patient has been 70 years old. He has over 2000 Hip Resurfacing procedures to his credit, which is the hugest number in Asia and fifth in the world.

How to get connect with Dr Vijay Bose?

When availing any treatment outside the boundaries of their own country, the patients are mostly clueless about how to go ahead with the whole process. Connecting with such extremely busy surgeons can be very challenging for the patients coming from other countries. Similarly, getting in touch with the top Hip Surgeon India like Dr Vijay C. Bose can be a burdening for these medical tourists. In such a scenario, a group named Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India can be of huge help. This group has a massive network, with the best hospitals and surgeons of India being a part of it. Thus, the group can very comfortably arrange your appointment with Dr Vijay C. Bose, without you going through much discomfort.

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